Jan 12, 2022
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Andrei Malakhov asks for money to repair the apartment of a burnt star


Presenter Andrey Malakhov announced a fundraiser for Marina Khlebenikova.

A popular TV presenter recorded a video message to fans.

He called on everyone who loves the work of Marina Khlebnikova to help the singer, who is in a difficult situation.

Dear friends and fans of Marina Khlebnikova, if you want to please your beloved singer and support her in this difficult moment of life, let’s help together to make repairs in her apartment, which burned down on November 18, 2021. Let’s do good together!“- Andrey Malakhov says in the frame.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

The video appeared in Marina Khlebnikova’s microblog. The singer, who is still in the clinic, thanked Andrei Malakhov for participating in her fate.

Andrey Malakhov, thank you!“- wrote Marina Khlebnikova in the microblog.

Recall that Marina Khlebnikova received severe burns during a fire in her apartment in November last year. The singer is still under medical supervision.

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