Aug 7, 2022
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Andrei Makarevich became a housewife with a wealthy wife


Now in the family of Andrei Makarevich only his wife earns.

After Andrei Makarevich’s insulting remarks about the Russians, his concerts in his homeland are canceled one after another. The musician planned to ride around the country with a big tour, but sales are so bad that hardly a tenth of the halls are filled, so it’s easier to refuse to perform than to incur losses.

But do not rush to feel sorry for the former cult artist who left Russia at the beginning of this year. He is planning a concert in Tbilisi in September, in a month – in Kazakhstan, then a whole tour of the United States. In the summer, he performed in Cyprus, regularly pleases the people of Israel with jazz arrangements of the songs “Time Machine” in his performance. The rocker does not shy away from private performances, asking for it from 50 thousand euros and more.

Andrey Makarevich with his wife - photo from the archive -
Andrei Makarevich with his wife – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And he still had a business in Russia – the JAM Club bar-restaurant. True, things are not going well there, the profit over the past year amounted to only 615 thousand rubles, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda. But in Israel, Makarevich became a winemaker. Managed to release the second brand of strong drink.

So the musician’s fourth family is not in poverty. True, the 68-year-old Andrey Vadimovich himself is increasingly busy with the housework. They don’t have servants.

Sunday. Morning. Wash the dishes. My wife went to the shooting range to train high-speed shooting. Harmony‘, he recently wrote on social media.

With such a wife, you really can’t spoil. And if you consider that after the birth of her son, 37-year-old Einat discharged her mother from Kyiv to help with the child, even more so.

At the same time, Makarevich is trying to convince everyone, and himself first of all, that he has finally found his happiness.

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