Jul 16, 2020
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Andrei Konchalovsky told how on his knees to persuade Irina Kupchenko to star in his film

04:53, 16.07.2020

Initially, the Director was invited for the role of another actress, but after the first day of shooting saw their mistake.

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82-year-old Andrei Konchalovsky in his microblog on Instagram periodically to share stories and remember the milestones of his career. For example, in the new publication, the Director stressed how important it is not to make the wrong choice of actor to begin shooting the film, because the face of the hero should reflect the essence of the time about which the tape in question, era, nation, culture. The filmmaker believes that the success of the picture depends on whether the actor taken the role.

Andrei Konchalovsky and his wife Julia Vysotskaya

"I'm often wrong in the choice of actors was carried away, thoughtlessly claimed someone. About your mistakes not to speak very nice, of course. But one episode will tell. When I did "Uncle Vanya", I met in what was then Leningrad young actress, and for some reason decided that it can be very good in the role of Sony. And approved it immediately. First day of shooting. Start working and here I sit, I watch as she plays and think: "Catastrophe!" It is already clear that I was terribly wrong, scary," remembered his unfortunate miscalculation Director (spelling and punctuation of the author here and further are given without changes. — Approx. red.).

Andrei Konchalovsky recalled how on his knees to persuade Irina Kupchenko to star in his film

Out unexpectedly helped a colleague Konchalovsky Sergei Bondarchuk. The Director remembered the conversation took place then is this distinguished artist guided him on the right path and pointed to the actress who would look in the role of a more organic whole. "After the shooting, he approached me and Sergey Fedorovich Bondarchuk: "Well, what are you doing? You yourself understand everything..." I said, "Just don't know what to do now. I adopted this role of the actress, but it is absolutely not suitable". And he said, "Well, what do you think? Out Kupchenko you starred in "Noble nest" brilliantly played". And I also Irina was not invited for the role of Sonia, and she already knows about this! "I don't understand how am I supposed to come to her... How is that now possible?" Bondarchuk said: "Go, kneel down, say: "Ira, I was wrong, that you are not approved, please come in role!", — said the filmmaker in his publication, which he supported rare archival footage from the filming.

Sergey Bondarchuk suggested to take on the role of Sony Irina Kupchenko

The actor said that he did so: went, fell on his knees before Kupchenko, and said the sacred words. After that, the picture appeared Irina, who did brilliantly played Sonya. Konchalovsky has admitted that he was very grateful to my colleague for his wise Council. "I did it before it was too late. And not a bit sorry about it" — summed up the Director.

We will remind, to the Russian classics Andrei Konchalovsky addressed in 1969. He created drama with Irina Kupchenko and Leonid Kulagin "the noble nest" based on the novel Ivan Turgenev. Then, in 1970, he released "Uncle Vanya" on the play Anton Chekhov. Tape brought her first success abroad — Konchalovsky was awarded the "Silver conch" International film festival in San Sebastian. And in "Uncle Vanya" played a truly stellar cast. The role of the Wynn smalcinataji Smoktunovsky, which, incidentally, was friendly with the Director, and together they went to the cafeteria, where they got the idea to make a film based on Chekhov.

In the film brilliantly played by Innokenty Smoktunovsky

Coming out of school, the Director immediately went to the state where the film immediately approved. From the Director demanded only that he was shooting as close to the original. By the way, on this basis, the Konchalovsky and Bondarchuk vposledstvii broke out serious conflict. The fact that Sergei Fyodorovich had a specific opinion about how should look like his character, Astrov. So, he believed that Ostrovu you must be a person of aristocratic appearance. On this occasion he entered the fray with Konchalovsky, and then reported to the Central Committee that Andrey took anti-Russian and antichinese film.

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