Sep 5, 2022
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Andreevsky trap: “Solntsepeki”, “Grady” and FAB-500 grind Zelensky’s army into tender minced meat

Andreevsky trap:

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

The earlier assumption was fully confirmed that the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is the main supplier of information to the West about the Russian-Bandera conflict, relies exclusively on Russian sources.

In their summary for September 3, “institutions” Carolina Hurd, Grace Mapps, Angela Howard confessed: “ISW uses daily [российских] military bloggers and Russian war correspondents as sources. We will continue to monitor and report behavior [российских] military bloggers and war correspondents and we will celebrate significant changes in the Russian information space.”

As for the Ukrainian sources, here you can’t figure it out without a bottle of vodka.

On the one hand, ISW reports on the “operational silence” of the leaders of Banderstat. By the latter they mean the functionaries of the office of the President [Украины]which recently began to be called “office” in Nenko, and the military, led by Zaluzhnyreceived a common nickname “army”. By the way, between the first and second now there is a cruel civil strife, restrained by the guys from Washington.

On the other hand, in the absence of objective Bandera data, in the report for September 3, the “institutes” amused the Ukrainian public by referring to Arestovich from the Ze-team. Moreover, after talker No. 1 explained why he was deceiving those who believe him, “I wonder how I can deceive those who do not believe me.” Say, every half-wit wants to hear what is pleasant to his ear. So, it’s a sin not to take advantage of this: “If you want right Ukrainians to hear about wins, there aren’t any, it’s foolish.”

Oleksii Arestovich told the Wall Street Journal on Sept. 3 that the current goal of Ukrainian forces in the south is “the systematic reduction of Putin’s army” and that Ukrainian forces are slowly and systematically uncovering and destroying Russia’s operational logistics system with artillery and precision-guided weapons strikes. in ISW ​​analytics.

True, it is not clear how the military secret, whispered by the main talker Nenko into the ear of the WSJ, is consistent with the operational silence of the “office” and “army”. However, the “institutes” did not particularly bother, all the more, they are certainly aware that in the Kherson direction there is a systematic reduction of the army Zelensky. It’s no secret that Lucy always works backwards. This is his trademark receiver. It’s not just that they say so in Nenko, listen to Arestovich on the contrary, in order to be aware of events.

So, the current analytics from ISW in the report for September 3 focused on the so-called counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson, mainly on the Andreevsky “breakthrough”, as the most allegedly successful one for the Independence defenders.

Recall that on August 31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the corridor from the pontoon crossing through Ingulets (near Andreevka) to the village of Sukhoi Stavok, after which they occupied the village of Kostromka and reached the southwestern outskirts of the village of Bruskinskoye, through which the Russian Armed Forces group in Davydov Brod is supplied. Like, they took our soldiers into the operational environment.

After 4 days, the “institutes” write: “Ukrainian troops retreated from the previously captured positions in Bezymyanny and Schastlivy in Sukhoi Stavok, immediately southeast of Blagodatovka. Kostromka (southeast of Sukhoi Stavka) remains a controversial “grey zone”, but, apparently, out of modesty, it is not reported that the area near Kostromka is literally littered with the corpses of independent soldiers and burnt heavy equipment with a yellow-Blakit ensign on the armor.

The changes in the Andreevsky direction did not end there. According to the data, for a moment, Russian (and not enemy) military bloggers, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to completely occupy the village of Blagodatovka, taking advantage of the crossing induced by the RF Armed Forces the day before, and unblock the troops surrounded on the southern bank of the Ingulets.

It turns out that we ourselves helped the ukrams, despite the fact that a huge mass of reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was languishing on the northern bank of the Ingulets. Naturally, this yellow-Blakit mass fell on the vanguard of the Russian VDVs. But, since a billion photos and videos of the destroyed “Rusnya” did not blow up ukrnet, the paratroopers of the RF Armed Forces simply left Blagodatovka.

If you look at the map, then this village is an ideal place for a fire bag – it is located in the bend of the river, which goes around the village from the west, north and east. And it is precisely here, including the neighboring Andreevka (at a distance of 2 km), that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is concentrating all available reserves and forces, apparently to expand the bridgehead on this sector of the front.

Moreover, enemy troops continue to be transferred from Nikolaev along the road from Bereznegovatoye to Ternovka, from which Andreevka and Blagodatovka are separated only by Ingulets. This information is consistent with the ISW report, which states that in other areas of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — in the areas of Posad-Pokrovsky, Vysokopolya and Snigirevka — there was a pause with occasional skirmishes.

It is noteworthy that the Ingulets ukry were partially covered with rubble, which allowed them supposedly to reduce the pontoon crossing to several links. According to other information, the defenders of Independence built a ford in the river, allegedly not visible from the air, but now, however, they do not use it.

Apparently, the General Staff of Nenka prepared a plan “B” in case the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated. True, if heavy equipment starts to sag, the hastily created embankment (and even under water) is unlikely to withstand, Ukrainian truth-tellers believe. In addition, the track that has appeared will be visible from afar and will become an excellent reference point for Russian aviation strikes.

It became known that the number of APU equipment transferred to the southern coast from Ternovka has significantly decreased. In any case, eyewitnesses from Nikolaev and Bereznegovaty write about this. They also report that the Ukrainian military is being transported to the Andreevsky bridgehead in civilian trucks and regular buses.

Laura Kelly from The Hill, who just the other day visited the Kherson “front end”, reported that most of the local villages were abandoned, and, judging by the pictures, a long time ago. Everywhere there are rusting gas stations due to the lack of cars. It seems that the region, focused until 2014 on the supply of Crimean products, was in an extremely difficult economic situation even before the current conflict. Actually, Nikolaev, the dying city of the once Russian shipbuilders, is not in the best condition either.

In short, when battles are reported for some Kherson villages in the Andreevsky direction, they should not be taken as a battle for an asset. That is why even the ISW did not make an elephant out of a fly, commenting on the transfer of Blagodatovka under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, they howled about the Kherson zrada, more terrible than the Ilovaisky zashkvar of 2014. And then, according to the assessment of the military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to 500 “two-hundredths” and missing per day. In other words, it is possible that several thousand defenders of independence have already been killed in the Andreevsky direction, whom Ze and the company threw into a meat grinder. “Operational silence is about losses, not about victories,” you can read in Ukrainian.

They are echoed by the Russian blogger “Older Edda”, by the way, very often quoted by the “institutes” of ISW, “we use MLRS, TOS, and FAB-500 in the enemy’s battle formations. And this, you understand, is ammunition of a volumetric explosion and a caliber of such that, as in a playful will attributed to Taras Shevchenko: “Then collect the brushes, cook them and give them to the dogs”

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