Sep 4, 2022
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Andreevsky trap: Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroyed in a fire bag, but still the rod through Ingulets

Andreevsky trap: Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroyed in a fire bag, but still the rod through Ingulets

Photo: AP/TASS

The picture of the battle on the Kherson offensive is rapidly changing. On the afternoon of August 31, military bloggers “Nenka” reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had broken through the corridor from the pontoon crossing through Ingulets (near Andreevka) to the village of Dry Stavok, after which they occupied the village of Kostromka and reached the southwestern outskirts of the village of Bruskinskoye, through which supplies are groups of the RF Armed Forces in Davydov Brod. Like, they took our soldiers into the operational environment.

It looks impressive on the battle map, but if you watch videos from the battlefield, it becomes creepy. The bare steppe is literally strewn with the corpses of “independence defenders” and burned heavy equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The observers counted at least 30 units of destroyed armored vehicles of the Ukrainian army in this sector alone.

Already closer to the night from August 31 to September 1, news came that the Russian landing force, with the powerful support of artillery, MLRS and aviation, had secured the Davydov Brod – Bruskinskoye – Novaya Kakhovka highway. The entire corridor, approximately 13 km long and up to 1 km wide, on which up to 2 battle-tactical groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine pressed into the ground, turned out to be in a fire bag. According to the “zahisniks of independence”, the “Solntsepek” worked in full.

In other areas of the “Battle for Kherson” there were also bad changes for the Ukrainians. According to information from the battlefield, ours pulled up reserves from the Aleksandrovsky direction and returned to the first line of defense in the vicinity of Zeleny Guy.

Near Oleksandrivka itself, the offensive of the “Zakhisniks of Nezalezhnosti” was suspended after they tried to force a dam in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bLake Solonets and a reclamation channel in an idiotic attack.

“The general “inadequacy” of the Ukrainian units hastily trained and pumped up with combat chemistry also plays into the hands. There can be no talk of any mastery of firing on the battlefield on the part of armored groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: they attack in the forehead, go into the fire bags themselves and burn out, ”our telegram channels report, moreover, those that regularly quote Western think tanks, including American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Nevertheless, strong American support in target designation and satellite reconnaissance is felt. It is also reported that Ukrainians are actively using HIMARS MLRS in an attempt to suppress Russian art. If earlier this star-striped “wunderwaffe” mainly hit our rear, now it hits artillery.

The situation, let’s say, is far from simple, although the Russian press sometimes hears hatred messages in the hope of disrupting the hype. But on the part of Russian soldiers, one can hear reproaches to our writing brethren that journalists embellish the picture too much and distort the statements of foreign think tanks, the same ISW.

In fact, we face a strong enemy, behind which stands the entire North Atlantic bloc of NATO. At the very least, it is naive to think that the American generals who went through Iraq and Afghanistan, and certainly involved in the development of the Battle for Kherson operation, are completely fools.

Let’s face it, Russian art, having gained invaluable combat experience, shows miracles of maneuverability and accuracy. It is no longer possible to shoot, as at the beginning of a special operation. After a volley at the enemies, one has to hastily change positions, and this is the hardest military work – not to “knock on the clave”.

Yes, we are winning, but it is impossible to say that it is easy for us, even out of respect for our fighters. Not only is the heat infernal, and without a heavy “armor”, under which sweat flows in streams, it’s impossible, but large-caliber shells weigh under 50 kilograms. The “gods of war” plow like damned ones, multiplying by zero the “independence defenders”.

The Institute for the Study of War, in its belated and apparently re-edited August 31 briefing, writes: “Ukrainians and the West should not fall for Russian information operations that portray the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kherson region as having failed almost instantly, or that portray Ukraine as helpless. puppet of Western masters.

ISW experts note that the “Battle for Kherson” will be a long one, and even reveal the “cunning” plan of the Americans, who are the planners of this battle from the Ukrainian side. According to the plan of the NATO generals, the “independence defenders” should exhaust our units with their psychic attacks in the forehead through the minefields, while HIMARS should prevent the supply of the units of the RF Armed Forces located on the front line and, most importantly, prevent the transfer of mobile reserves across the Dnieper.

At the same time, the “institutions” do not exclude that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may lose, despite the high-quality planning and target designation. The main disadvantage of the plan of the Western masters of the Nenko is the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army.

If in the Kherson direction the number of killed “independence defenders” in a short time exceeds 5-10 thousand, then in Kyiv, for sure, a political crisis will begin. Now Zelensky is subjected to harsh criticism that the mountains of corpses are not worth the “liberation” of three villages, which they surrendered a little later.

According to the logic of things, the General Staff of the “nenka” should stop psychic attacks in the bare steppe, however, according to Ukrainian truth-tellers, Washington is pressing on Kyiv, demanding a “overcome” at any cost. The White House needs to account for the billions spent on the Ze-team. Overseas internal political alignments are forcing Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny to throw Ukrainian soldiers hastily trained by NATO instructors into the meat grinder.

Judging by the high-profile clashes in the Zhovto-Blakit expert community, an average of every fifth “independence defender” goes on the attack in the Kherson direction. The rest just weave, or rather, crawl after them. From a military point of view, this is ballast, from which there is no sense. So the advantage in manpower is not yet a fact of its successful application.

Moreover, the teroborontsy, who have at least some combat experience, fight much better than those trained in the western camps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is they who become the first victims of Russian fire. This is explained by the specifics of NATO courses, which are clearly designed for powerful support of the attackers – in this case, the Hymars.

It seems that during special training in the “Americas and Europe”, primarily in Britain, Ukrainian soldiers were trained as if they were not afraid of fighting dogs. Like, they are in a team and just have to do their job, for example, storm, while on the right, left and behind they are covered by their own.

But in reality, this scheme does not work, independent bloggers write. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the Yankees, having stumbled upon the defenders, simply called in aircraft, and she burned everything ahead. In the Kherson steppes, HIMARS, however, cannot provide the level of support that is needed, which results in huge losses.

As a result, the Andreevsky corridor is lined with the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers, but at the same time it would be a great exaggeration to say that the independent “heroes” knocked out the landing force from the same villages of Sukhoi Stavok and Kostromka in battle. Ours left from there, luring the attackers into a fire bag.

By the morning of September 1 (the 4th day of the Battle of Kherson), the “independence defenders” did not abandon their attempts to expand the Andreevsky corridor and encircle the units of the RF Armed Forces in Davydov Brod. According to the latest data, three pontoon crossings have already been built on the Andreevka-Lozovoye-Plotnitskoye tract, through which columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine go to the eastern shore.

Thus, the situation is changing rapidly, so “surprises” are still possible with the transfer of small villages under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in general the overall picture is unlikely to change in the near future.

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