Oct 14, 2021
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And why did you, Nuland, ask for a visit?

Hopes that Russia will play along with the United States for American interests in Ukraine are dashed

As soon as Russian political scientists heard that US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was arriving in Moscow, they grabbed their heads: why should she visit us? And she didn’t just ask for it, but in spite of all the prohibitions, because we blacklisted her for entry. And there is a reason! Victoria Nuland was the midwife of the Kiev Maidan, a bloody event. Her figure looms behind the war in Donbass and other maneuvers hostile to Russia. She is well aware of our attitude, but she managed to get a visit and even met with officials in Moscow.

So what did this lady, who went through a severe school of maturation under the tutelage of another diplomatic lady, Madeleine Albright, want to find out?

Memories of the past can give us some guesses. Albright stood at the cradle of the American doctrine of a unipolar world. It was she who in 1999 blessed the NATO attack on Yugoslavia, as a result of which Kosovo was forcibly taken from the Serbs. Not without her efforts, the inglorious US aggression against Afghanistan in 2001 was prepared. And her ideological follower Victoria Nuland continued her line of conquering the world in restless Ukraine. She made every effort to solve the historical task of the Anglo-Saxons – to tear the fabric of a single Slavic world and take Ukraine away from Russia. Brzezinski also showed that Russia without Ukraine would cease to be a great power.

Remembering the recent past, we come to the conclusion that the United States, in fact, is taking stock of its attempt to become the ruler of the planet. And what do we see in the bottom line from the American attack on the post-war world order, which at the very least suited everyone? What happened to the three main achievements of the United States in this campaign: the war in Afghanistan, the coup in Ukraine, the partition of Yugoslavia?

What Moscow had warned about happened: you shouldn’t consider yourself smarter than others. It will be inconvenient. This is true. They fled shamefully from Afghanistan. The robber “republic of Kosovo” was stillborn. The time has come to take stock of American activities in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland, as the overseer of Ukraine, was obliged to obtain a visit to Moscow only in order to find out how Russia would behave in the event of the final paralysis of the independent Ukrainian state. There are two reasons for the paralysis: a crisis in energy supply due to an unprecedented rise in gas prices and a decrease in the production of agricultural fertilizers.

Ukraine finds itself in a particularly difficult situation. The first blow she will receive is the failure of the heating season due to the unbearable high cost of gas. This crisis cannot be averted; the Ukrainian authorities have already raised consumer gas prices to unacceptable figures for the population. Residents of Ukraine will have to appreciate all the wisdom of this policy for themselves in the coming months. Then a second blow will follow – a lean 2022. Ukrainian agricultural production will not survive without fertilizers, it will collapse. Neither sugar beets, nor grains, nor legumes without nitrogen and ammonia will yield a harvest. Own production will be closed due to the same gas prices. Neither Poland nor Belarus will be able to supply Ukraine either, they themselves are cutting production.

The owners of Victoria Nuland understood correctly that the inhabitants of Ukraine could not forgive their authorities for the second blow. And the owners were faced with the question: what will Russia do in the event of a complete collapse of Ukraine? Nuland rushed to Moscow to hear Russian assurances that they would not take Ukraine away from the Americans.

And how can one fail to recall Soviet foreign policy. Then, it happened, under such meetings or after them, an article with a promising beginning was published in Pravda: “Rumors are circulating in international political circles …” And then the opponent was cleaned up. And now, literally on the day of Victoria Nuland’s visit, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev published an article in Kommersant, which directly says about Russia’s plans in the Ukrainian direction. The brief meaning of the article is simple: we will not help this government get out of the swamp into which it drove the country.

Apparently, the article was a disappointment for Nuland. Its hopes that Russia will play along with the United States for the sake of American interests in Ukraine have been dashed. Russia is tired of looking at the circus of comedians who torture the people of Ukraine.

Photo: REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov

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