Sep 1, 2021
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“And which of them is the daughter?”: The children of Diana Arbenina came to the school line

Today, many celebrities have diluted blog feeds with children’s content, and Diana Arbenina was no exception. She posted on Instagram a photo of her offspring Artyom and Martha.

“Good morning Country! Perhaps the beginning of the year is not only in January. For all of us, the year begins on September 1st. Patience to you moms and dads of first-graders! ” – the singer signed the snapshot.

Fans noted that her heiress Martha looks very peculiar. “And which of them is the daughter?”, “The girl is apparently a rebel! All in a mother “,” The girl would have a little femininity, “- said the users.

Recall that the children of Arbenina are twins, who is their father is unknown.

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