Sep 3, 2021
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“And then Ostap suffered” – Zelensky asked the Americans for $ 277 billion.

Impromptu master Volodymyr Zelenskyy, having arrived in the United States and met with J. Biden on September 1, amazed Ukraine. America is unlikely, since against the background of the Afghan events, the leading American media did not notice Zelensky’s visit and did not broadcast any live broadcasts.

Presentation of the

Presentation of the “Transformation Plan for Ukraine” at the Estate Museum of Washington

Zelenskiy said that he brought with him a plan to transform the Ukrainian economy of 80 projects totaling $ 277 billion, having invited Biden to finance it. It is surprising that no one in Ukraine has even heard of such a scale. So, as if pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a marked card from a sleeve, a group of geniuses from the 95th quarter named the amount of money that would suit the “fathers of Ukrainian democracy”. The American reaction? None at all, except for smirks. America didn’t seem to notice this amazing idea.


Biden: “Can you moderate your appetites?”

The fact that Zelenskiy brings in more abruptly than Poroshenko has been seen for a long time. However, this time he surpassed himself, showing the symbiosis of Ostap Bender and Khlestakov.

Signing a memorandum with Westinghouse in the presence of Zelensky

Signing a memorandum with Westinghouse in the presence of Zelensky

So, he statedthat an agreement was allegedly signed with Westinghouse on the construction of 5 blocks of nuclear power plants in Ukraine worth $ 30 billion. Rejoice! However, from the materials of the meeting it is clear that only a memorandum was signed on the possibilities of supplying technological equipment from a bankrupt American company for … one block, without a specific commercial scheme.

Zelensky at the Pentagon

Zelensky at the Pentagon

After visiting the Pentagon, Zelensky announcedthat the head of the US Department of Defense supported Ukraine’s entry into NATO, although he spoke of support for “Euro-Atlantic aspirations.” You can strive endlessly.

V. Zelensky and NASA Director Bill Nelson

V. Zelensky and NASA Director Bill Nelson

After taking a tour of NASA, accompanied by its director Bill Nelson, the President of Ukraine spoke about the global US-Ukrainian agreements in the field of space research and flights.

Negotiations with Biden lasted for about two hours instead of the previously announced two and a half, but Zelensky, contrary to the information in his protocol, suddenly announced that only an hour had been planned: they say, the negotiations had dragged on.

And so in everything. And there is still San Francisco and Los Angeles ahead of them with many-minded arguments about the cyber partnership between the United States and Ukraine. The Americans did not even correct him out of politeness, but out of disdain, but the planned joint press conference, just in case, was canceled. You never know what other exuberant fantasy the Ukrainian leader will think of. Yes, and Biden himself in these “Afghan days” in the White House once again did not want to shine.

How much of the negotiations did Biden sleep and why is Zelensky so sad?

How much of the negotiations did Biden sleep and why is Zelensky so sad?

In Ukraine, of course, there is an active discussion of the results of the “fateful” visit. And at the same time, the information provided by Zelensky and his entourage is being discussed. The real results can only be judged by the American documents, and not by the interpretation of the negotiations by a visiting showman.

The Joint Statement on the US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership, posted on the White House website, expresses “commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.” And with regard to Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU, which, according to Khlestakov-Zelensky, he allegedly received full support, is the following: “We are committed to Ukraine’s implementation of deep and comprehensive reforms necessary to realize its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.” Aspirations, but not membership! Let them strive for themselves. And it is interesting: the document seems to be bilateral, but the wording of only one side – the American one – is heard everywhere. There are no words at all that “Ukraine thinks …”, but only: “Ukraine undertakes …” The hosts are not shy, and no one asks the guests. The overall impression is that Ukraine is seen as a junior partner of the United States in implementing transformations on Ukrainian territory, but in an American manner. For example, what is the meaning of this passage: “Ukraine has made progress in creating institutions with integrity and intent, together with the United States, to continue to combat corruption, ensure accountability, protect human rights, fulfill the aspirations of its citizens,” etc.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zelensky in Donbass

Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zelensky in Donbass

Expressing solidarity with Ukraine’s position on the conflict in Donbass, the United States “reaffirms its full support for international efforts, including in the Normandy format, aimed at negotiations on a diplomatic settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.” Not a word about the US joining this format, which Kiev is seeking. The Minsk Agreements are not mentioned, although the activities of the “Normandy format” are based on them. Washington shares the “Crimean Platform”, but emphasizes that this “problem” (what other problem?) Needs to be solved “peacefully.”

Dreams of

Dreams of “Ukrainian patriots”

Against the backdrop of recent statements in Kiev by radical nationalists that Zelensky should demand from the United States the “return” of the right to possess nuclear weapons, the statement sounded harshly: “We also agreed to extend the Agreement on Assistance to Ukraine for seven years. in the elimination of strategic nuclear weapons and the prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, signed in 1993 ”. Perhaps Zelensky was “smart enough” to talk about the “Ukrainian atomic bomb.” Advisors like Arestovich have long been recommending this to him. Now it is said: don’t dare to think about that.

LGBT parade in Kiev

LGBT parade in Kiev

It speaks at length about “support” by the United States, or rather about their “supervision” in reforming the judicial system and fighting corruption in Ukraine, as well as promoting human rights, including combating “discrimination against the LGBT community.” Not a word about the rights of national minorities and linguistic equality. On the other hand, the parties expressed their “intention(almost the only time as equal partners. – D.M.) “Hold Russia accountable for the ongoing systemic abuses in the territories of Ukraine controlled or occupied by Russia, and seek the release of political prisoners and hostages held in these territories”… But it is Kiev that evades the exchange of prisoners, which had been offered to it long ago, on the principle of “all for all”, insultingly calling them “hostages”.

According to Nord Stream 2 “The United States remains in solidarity with Ukraine that it poses a” threat to European energy security. ” However, plans to prevent the gas pipeline from being launched are being shied away from. Instead, they promise Kiev to take measures “to preserve the transit role of Ukraine and ensure the security of supplies during the energy transition.” And no one is talking about the complete cessation of transit through its territory. If there is demand in Europe, there will be supplies.

Zelensky's press secretary S. Nikiforov rejoices in Washington

Zelensky’s press secretary S. Nikiforov rejoices in Washington

On the whole, it is difficult to call this document not only equal, but also joint. It is rather a colonial declaration of the gracious consent of the Washington metropolis to continue to keep the “unreasonable natives” afloat. And, frankly speaking, there are not so many favors. There is complete silence in the statement about the $ 277 billion “Transformation of Ukraine’s Economy” program, which Zelensky proposed to finance to Washington. As if he hadn’t said anything and the owners hadn’t heard. About the “agreement” on the construction of 5 nuclear power units in Ukraine in the amount of $ 30 billion – also silence, because there was no such thing.

Signing of an agreement at EXIM Bank USA

Signing of the agreement at the EXIM bank of the USA

$ 3 billion through the American EXIM Bank will not go to Ukraine at all, but to American exporters in the form of guarantees, forcing Ukraine to buy illiquid and not very necessary goods for a pittance. The bottom line: of the money promised to Zelensky this year – only $ 60 million in military aid for the outdated Javelin anti-tank systems, as well as $ 12.8 million for the continuation of vaccination against COVID-19 and $ 45 million for humanitarian aid to the territories of Donbass controlled by Kiev in order to neutralize there ” pro-Russian sentiments ”.

Not much. And it does not at all fit into the picture of a “historical visit” filled with “male, though not always sunny conversations.”

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