Aug 28, 2021
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And the WHO and now … where?

First of all, the Chinese drew WHO’s attention to the American biolaboratory at Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina, where by 2003 there were advanced technologies for synthesizing and modifying coronaviruses.

A collective letter from 25 million Internet users from China to the head of the WHO, Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus, is attached.

What is WHO

No, on the one hand, China is a powerful enough power, primarily in terms of its contributions to the UN budget, for the WHO to agree on the basis of its mission to Wuhan in 2021 that a virus leak from a Chinese laboratory is “extremely unlikely.” And the most likely transition of the virus from bats to another animal, from which a person later became infected. Actually, this version was put forward by Beijing from the very beginning.

But, on the other hand, such an explanation of the origin of the coronavirus makes nods from the Middle Kingdom to the United States somewhat illogical: it turns out that the bad guys from Fort Detrick took a test tube with the virus to China, got to Wuhan, caught a bat there and waited for the results of a field experiment? Or did they immediately infect the poor flying fellow at home, and then release them in China?

It tastes like politics. But most importantly, it puts the World Health Organization in an extremely interesting position. After all, it depends on the United States much more than on China, and, most importantly, not only financially. More precisely, the organization depends not so much on the state itself as such, but on those people in whose hands the States themselves are only a tool for creating a “new bright world.” The one in which supranational corporations will rule over the planet, and people will be gathered into communities controlled and managed by these corporations through various NPOs and private military security companies.

A number of authoritative experts in different countries agree – with very minor amendments – that the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, as well as people such as George Soros, Bill Gates and Donald Rumsfeld, are directly involved in the control of WHO. Yes, in fact, it is difficult to argue here – these people themselves have more than once openly demonstrated their influence on the decisions of the formally independent World Health Organization, subordinate only to the UN General Assembly.

Who is funding an independent international organization?

I can confirm that it is indeed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that has funded the World Health Organization for many years. Moreover, according to some sources, this is the main source of funding for this international organization. Well, it’s not a secret for anyone that the World Health Organization then distributes this money, taking into account the requirements, wishes of the donor, that is, Bill Gates and his foundation,

– said in a conversation with Constantinople an expert well versed in this topic, Doctor of Economics Valentin Katasonov.

Here we can recall one investigation of Constantinople, which dealt with the true “world government” – the system of clubs and committees in the United States (and England), which formally look like gatherings of people with the same interests, but in fact and informally are quite directive organs of parallel government … management.

For example, a club of interested people is being formed next to the Ministry of Defense. From the military-industrial complex, scientific organizations, special services. Get together, get worn, drink whiskey and soda. And then the Pentagon places an order with, say, Boeing, because the club agreed on this the other day. And Boeing has its own club, and some have their own. This is how not even a parallel, but a latent control system is formed.

And the notorious “world government” is from here. Not a cabinet of some supranational ministers appointed by transnational corporations. And a few hobby clubs that do not make any binding decisions. But they come to some general conclusions, which are then implemented by the structures operating in real life and the official governments.

And yes, Bill Gates is also a member of some influential committees, his money also runs on their web. Moreover, he also created his own club in New York. And he called it “Good Club” (Good Club). And gathered in it – and are going to this day – the same … David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet and other influential personalities of the supranational “get-together”. Hangouts according to your interests, oh, strictly according to your interests! But the interest in the Gates club is interesting: the overpopulation of the Earth.

In the sense that this is bad, our planet cannot withstand such a mass of people with their industry and harm to the environment. And in this light, it is extremely joyful to hear the news that Bill Gates is donating this or that (at least six zeros) amount to fight … the coronavirus. Great altruism, isn’t it?

And the WHO and now … where?

The press reported that when the COVID-19 pandemic became a fact, the Gates Foundation announced the start of trials of its own vaccine. I wonder where is she? Isn’t it waiting for the WHO, the European Union, and in general the entire West ruled by the Finintern supranational banksters, postponing and refusing to fully legalize the Russian “Sputnik V”?

Judging by the information of Valentin Katasonov, it is quite possible:

The World Health Organization paid for an article in The Lancet, the authoritative international medical journal, to provide a scientific basis for the need for masks. In fact, the article looked like just a compilation of almost 30 studies, and none of the studies were serious. And then the World Health Organization issued its circular that the international expert community allegedly came to the conclusion that wearing masks is necessary. Here’s just a small example, I was just doing it.

In the same way, it means that “by order of the WHO” any other article on any other topic can be constructed. Everything that will be asserted in this article will reflect the authority of the UN as the world organization of all mankind. Then WHO, on the basis of this article, will formulate a certain directive, and it will become, in fact, obligatory for all mankind.

Which, according to the main sponsor of the WHO, Bill Gates and his accomplices, has already become too much …

So is WHO really dealing with health? Does it truly coordinate the global efforts of countries in this area and disseminate their achievements throughout humanity?

“No, it is not engaged in health care, half of WHO officials do not have a medical education at all, they are just officials,” Valentin Katasonov snapped firmly.

Bigpharma, of course, profits from these deeds, from the same vaccinations. But I can honestly tell you that pharmaceutical companies have even more profitable products than these very covid vaccines. In this case, WHO is fulfilling a social order. Social order – it is necessary to vaccinate 70-80% of the world’s population. But what are the purposes of this vaccination – here we can assume.

And you can remember. For example, WHO has an international tetanus vaccination program. Large-scale campaigns for this program took place in the early 1990s in Nicaragua, Mexico, the Philippines, Tanzania and Nigeria. And for some reason it was directed only at women of childbearing age, who were vaccinated five times over several months. What did you get as a result? There is no data on tetanus. But there is evidence that vaccinated women have a sharp increase in the number of miscarriages and other complications. In fact, they were simply sterilized.

Are Gates’ “Covenants” Moving Into Life? The secret plans of WHO – not a conspiracy or conspiracy theory? Well, and the answer to the question of whether WHO will go into American biological laboratories to investigate what is actually produced there is obvious in this light, isn’t it?

So what?

The conclusion for Russia – for all of us – is simple. We must clearly understand that there are no longer such “UN” international organizations that would not serve transnational banking capital, the very same financial international. They are an easy victim for the finintern, once, and they are a close to ideal testing ground for practicing the tasks of supra-world financial empires to establish control over humanity. They are international, they seem to be from the UN, they seem to help people. But UNESCO, WHO, the World Bank, the UNICEF Children’s Fund, the Food FAO, and the IAEA are all anti-Russian for the simple reason that Russia itself as a state stands in the way of the world empire of banksters. And all those less pretentious, but even more famous organizations such as the Olympic IOC that has lost its reality or the notorious anti-chemical OPCW, they will be against us like siege guns against a bastion – a bastion of normality.

You shouldn’t be offended at this. But we just need to build our organizations in parallel with them – with normal work in the development of sports, with normal concern for the preservation of culture, with normal help to children, and so on. With your International Court of Justice, finally!

And, of course, with normal health care.

Alexander Tsyganov

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