Oct 15, 2020
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And at 90 you can? How old is it safe to go to a fitness club?

The story that made all pensioners shudder happened in Novosibirsk. It was here that an 82-year-old grandmother was literally kicked out of one fitness club. She came to the club, where she was offered a trial lesson. However, the trainer said directly at the training that “she doesn’t work with such people” and refused the service. Then the rationale was sounded: “Does not pass by age. Who will be responsible for you? We don't need this. " The granddaughter of an 82-year-old pensioner told about all this.

When the story went outside Novosibirsk after being posted on Instagram, the club's management apologized and tried to blame everything on the epidemiological situation. As a result, the pensioner was offered a subscription without a term, which is activated when the situation evens out.

However, against this background, the question remains: up to what age can older people attend fitness clubs and will the load on group classes and in the gym be too difficult for people who are over ...? told about whether it is possible for the elderly to attend fitness clubs and how harmful or beneficial it can be for them. physical therapy doctor, head of the department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov, professor, expert of the League of Health of the Nation Evgeny Achkasov...

With no restrictions

The sports doctor notes that although he is not aware of exactly how the dialogue between the pensioner and the club representatives took place, it should not be so.

“There are no age restrictions in terms of visits to fitness clubs. You can walk at any age. Moreover, sports and various physical activities are highly indicated for people of age. The only question is dosage and intensity. Strength sports can also be practiced in old age, ”says the sports doctor.

He says that retirees can easily even "pull iron" in the hall. And any activity that they can do is great. Indeed, with age, there is a lack of muscle mass, and it is just physical activity that allows you to maintain balance. Well, in general, the standard postulate that movement is life has not been canceled.

a doctor's note

The club may advise retirees to access classes from a sports doctor. “In general, getting a referral and admission from a sports doctor to classes is good at any age, and not only in the elderly,” the specialist believes.

Such a doctor helps to choose the optimal loads that correspond to the goals of training, whether it is building muscle mass, losing weight, developing load tolerance. In any case, you can choose the optimal mode of loads of any intensity so that there are no overloads, notes Evgeny Achkasov.

“It all depends on the intensity. Whether it's running or strength training. In addition, today there are many programs created specifically for the elderly, the same Scandinavian walking. These are all types of fitness. So it is quite possible to find suitable options, ”says the sports doctor.

The main thing is to check your health beforehand.


As for health, it is checked through a standard protocol:

  • electrocardiographic examination;
  • gerontological examination;
  • passage of a therapist;
  • delivery of the necessary tests.

“If necessary, the doctor can expand the list of examinations by adding recommendations for visiting specialists or suggesting additional tests,” says Evgeny Achkasov.

So there are no restrictions for conquering sports peaks, except for those imposed by health. But they are worth studying in order to avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary risks. In general, retirees may well visit fitness clubs at any age and maintain their health.

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