Jan 7, 2021
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Ancient artifacts of striking beauty and symmetry

On the territory of our planet lived many ancient civilizations and peoples, who left behind a large number of artifacts, some of which are made so skillfully and even futuristic possessed technologies much more advanced than modern humanity?

In this article, we will talk about a number of unusual artifacts that modern researchers call “Devil Balls”. These pieces are balls made, as a rule, of bone, and the technology of their manufacture is amazing – here, as it were, one ball is embedded in another, and the inner ball is able to rotate in absolutely any direction.

Modern mainstream scientists have found nothing better than to suggest that these ancient artifacts are beautiful but useless trinkets. However, if you follow their theory and believe that in ancient times people possessed much worse technologies and tools than in our time, then it turns out that the manufacture of such pieces by ancient craftsmen could take many years of their lives.

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Did they really not value their time so much if they decided to deal with such artifacts without any serious and important goal? I do not think so. And this suggests that the secret of the Devil’s balls can still be considered unsolved. Most of these artifacts were found in the territory of modern China.

In this country, the manufacture of such pieces was carried out almost on an industrial scale – many balls were found, of a very different shape, design and material from which they were made. And the oldest specimens were made not only from ivory, but also from the bones of a rhinoceros. Modern researchers believe that people began to make the first such balls a long time ago – back in the Neolithic.

This is what happens – in those days, mankind supposedly did not know the wheel, but easily made such things? Somehow everything does not add up to a single and holistic picture, without questions and contradictions. Most of these artifacts were found in the valleys of rivers such as the Yellow River and Yangtze. There is a version according to which these works of art could allegedly be used as religious and cult things for various rituals.

But this hypothesis is extremely hard to believe. Until now, archaeologists and historians cannot explain exactly what technologies were used to make such artifacts. And representatives of official science, when such uncomfortable questions arose, did not find anything better than to say that making such balls from the ancient masters required “patience and composure.”

Looking at such artifacts, the first thing that comes to mind is modern turning or milling machines, at worst – 3-D printers. I can’t imagine how at that time it was possible to do without such technologies – these balls look so perfect. But why were they called Devilish?

It seems to me that the explanation here is very simple – modern researchers are simply not able to explain the technology of their manufacture. And when a person cannot explain something, the first thing that comes to mind is to blame everything on some mystical forces, usually impure.

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