Sep 20, 2022
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Anatoly Bely spoke about the hard life in Israel


Actor Anatoly Bely fled Russia.

This summer, the artist retired from the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and emigrated to Israel. In the capital, the actor had a successful career – roles in five performances, filming in films and television shows, but he left all this to move abroad with his family. However, there the artist was not left without work. At first, he was supported by Chulpan Khamatova, who managed to settle in the Baltic states, and now it has become known that Bely will take the stage in three Israeli cities in a solo performance by Yegor Trukhin.

Of course, such an artist’s work cannot be compared with what he did in Russia. Accordingly, Anatoly’s income leaves much to be desired, but Bely is trying to hold on and not lose heart.

Anatoly Bely - photo from the archive -
Anatoly Bely

Sorrow has not gone anywhere, grief is nearby, wounds are bleeding, my heart hurts. But I still live, which means I have to bear my cross and do my job. What am I living for? For the sake of those whom I love, who are close and dear to me. Need to live”, the actor admitted in a recent post on the social network.

Recall that Chulpan Khamatova, who settled with her daughters near Riga, is currently in a similar situation. The actress was able to get a job in the troupe of the local theater, but her salary there is only 800 euros per month, and this money is only enough for the most minimal needs. The actress tries not to complain, but does not hide the fact that it is difficult for her to get used to poverty, while in Moscow she did not need anything.

Yes, and Khamatova’s work raises questions from the Riga public, and her last performance with Bely’s participation ended in a scandal. Some viewers did not appreciate the production, during which domestic artists do nothing but read monologues, standing with suitcases in their hands, and demanded to return their money for tickets.

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