Feb 18, 2021
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Anastasia Volochkova’s 15-year-old daughter performed in her performance

09:15, 18.02.2021

Ariadne performed the song in French.

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On February 17, Anastasia Volochkova performed in the city of Mytishchi with the play “Ballerina Through the Looking Glass of the Circus”. The event was charitable, all invitations were distributed free of charge. On this day, the 15-year-old daughter of Anastasia took the stage. Ariadne performed the song in French.

Anastasia was delighted with her daughter’s success. “My joy! Ariadne! Thank you for your idea of ​​your participation in my performances with your songs in foreign languages! This is a very unexpected and New Paint! Happy first night, dear! You are a great fellow! ” – the ballerina turned to her daughter in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. row.).

Volochkova noted that before this performance, Ariadne had not studied vocal for three years. However, the stellar mother is glad that now her daughter has returned to the stage and did this precisely as part of her performance. “It was not easy. I’m proud of you! I love and cherish forever! ” – concluded the ballerina.

Ariadna Volochkova on stage

Ariadne was born in the union of Anastasia and her former chosen one Igor Vdovin… In 2007, the ballerina announced that she was married. However, later Volochkova admitted that the wedding was fictitious. The parting of the dancer and the businessman was accompanied by scandals. After that, they did not communicate for a long time, then they were able to establish contact for the sake of their daughter, but then they quarreled again.

As Ariadne grew up, her relationship with her mother became strained. Therefore, the girl decided to live with her father and his new darling Elena Nikolaeva, the TV presenter of the Morning of Russia program. According to Volochkova, for Vdovin, their daughter was a means of manipulation. Anastasia noted that the girl’s father lured her away with money, and in adolescence it is very difficult to refuse such offers. However, after a while, the star mother managed to make peace with her daughter.

Igor Vdovin and Anastasia Volochkova with their daughter

Note that Anastasia has been developing a child since childhood. At the age of one and a half, Ariadne began attending the early development school and the Domisolka Song and Dance Ensemble. The parents also hired a music teacher for their daughter. Then Ariadne began studying at an English school and an Orthodox kindergarten, where, according to Anastasia, there were completely ordinary children who were not fixated on fashionable clothes and gadgets.

Later, Ariadne becamedancing, as well as horse riding. In addition, the girl shoots videos for YouTube and draws pictures, which she even tried to sell. The famous name of the mother of a teenage girl in everyday life rather interferes than helps. Ariadne said that more than once she encountered ill-wishers who did not hesitate to tell her nasty things about the ballerina.

Anastasia Volochkova with her mother and daughter

It is worth adding that after parting with Igor Vdovin, the ballerina has not yet been able to establish her personal life. According to Anastasia, she is practically never alone: ​​she always has fans. But so far, all of her novels have not been continued. Last fall, Volochkova planned a wedding, but in the end, instead, the ballet star broke up with the man. Breaking up with a fiance named Oleg Anastasia told at the end of January.

Anastasia Volochkova in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

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