Jan 4, 2022
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Anastasia Volochkova stole the groom from the show “Let’s get married”


Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is already resting with a man in the Maldives.

The ballet star was invited to “Let’s Get Married” as a mentor to 44-year-old Sergei, one of the suitors. She had to help the man present himself to the bride. But at one point something went wrong, and 45-year-old Anastasia began to stuff herself into the chosen one for the groom.

I think I am a more enviable bride. Don’t you think so? What are you all hee-hee, with me that’s how it is!“- she flirted in the hero’s room. At first, Sergei was somewhat embarrassed, but after a while he began to give Volochkova reciprocal signs of attention. As a result, after the participant went to the bride, even Larisa Guzeeva and Roza Syabitova came to the conclusion that the man was clearly destined for the ballerina. The presenters noted that the couple is even strikingly similar in appearance.

Anastasia Volochkova with Sergei
Anastasia Volochkova with Sergei

As it turned out, everything was not limited to mutual sympathy and sweet conversations during the filming – Sergei and Anastasia began a romantic relationship. The lovers spent the holidays together, a few days later Volochkova shared a video of watching a show with their participation with the other half.

And today the couple flew off to rest on the islands. “Watching the second episode”Let’s get married ”on Channel One only from the Maldives. I’m here as if I’m going to the dacha! From cold to warm! And with Sergei“, – wrote Volochkova in her personal blog.

By the way, the star boasted of a new boyfriend on the eve of the New Year, but did not show the face of the chosen one. Then she published a photo with her soul mate, hiding part of the frame with a tiger mask. “I wish you happiness and love! We celebrated so well! So light, fun and sincere! Frankly, I am in love. The story of this acquaintance is fantastic!“- she intrigued her fans earlier.

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