Jan 1, 2022
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Anastasia Volochkova spoke about her daughter’s life in a strange family


Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova thinks her daughter is not happy.

The ballet star has been living alone in her chic country house for more than a year now, and her company is only the attendants and a purebred kitten, which she recently bought from a breeder. But the dancer’s only daughter – 16-year-old Ariadna – has long settled in the apartment of Igor Vdovin’s father and her new wife Elena Nikolaeva.

Fans of the artist suspect that the girl ran away from her mother, not wanting to become a part of her scandalous life, but Volochkova claims that in reality everything is different. According to the ballerina, she herself initiated the rapprochement of Ariadne with her ex-husband, because for about six years he did not communicate with the child at all. At first, the girl came to him only for the holidays, and then he suggested that she move on completely.

Of course, Arisha is comfortable living there, she has accumulated everything around the center, because she is now studying at the Lyceum. And this is the Higher School of Economics … Vdovin realized that now, if Arisha is with him, he does not owe me anything at all. And he just made his daughter an offer, which she did not refuse. That he would give her money and provide everything, but nothing to mom, and she agreed“, – explained the ballerina.

Anastasia Volochkova
Anastasia Volochkova

True, now cardinal changes have taken place in Vdovin’s life – he became a father for the fifth time, and, according to Volochkova, the relationship between his daughter and his stepmother has changed.

Now a child seems to have been born there. And Ariadne told me that this was a stranger to her family. For this woman, Arisha is a completely stranger. And she would not have dragged her daughter to all events if her last name was Vdovina, and not Volochkova. And then, when Arisha saw that the horse had already been taken away from her, and the dog seemed to be not hers and this aunt only needed to take a picture with her, then she probably thought about something. Is it a shame? No, I’m not offended. On the contrary, I let go of the situation. After all, I really waited and waited for Arisha to see for herself where is real and where is fake“, – the dancer declared victoriously in an interview with

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