Dec 31, 2020
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Anastasia Volochkova said that she paid off utility and tax debts shortly before the New Year

The ballerina was in no hurry to give away the money, because she wanted to spend it on a trip to the Maldives.

The outgoing 2020 turned out to be financially difficult for 44-year-old Anastasia Volochkova. As the ex-prima of the Bolshoi Theater said, it turned out that she had nothing to cover the tax arrears – because of the pandemic, the artist did not perform. It also turned out that Anastasia owed more than a million rubles to the management company for the maintenance of her three-story mansion in the Moscow region. She refused to pay the bills, claiming that she had not received reports on the work done by the utilities. However, money matters did not prevent her from spending a large sum on a November vacation in the Maldives with her fiancé.

Yesterday, two days before the end of 2020, Volochkova said that she had paid off all her debts. “I try to do this in life, and make sure that I do not owe anything to anyone. Mostly owed to me. I have no debt. I had tax debts and a communal apartment. But I flew to the Maldives without a twinge of conscience. At first I thought it was an expensive trip, I can’t afford so much – I spend little money on myself. But I thought, than to go nowhere, to the state to give money – but I still have to, I will spend it on myself. So my beloved and I decided to fly away. And I didn’t regret it. I paid taxes and sleep peacefully, and I am flying, by the way, back to the Maldives, ”Anastasia said on the air of the program “Evening show of Alla Dovlatova” on Russian Radio.

Anastasia noted that she paid off the tax and the Criminal Code

Anastasia Volochkova with her mysterious businessman groom

By the way, as it became known a week ago, Anastasia Volochkova had to part with part of her real estate due to the difficult financial situation. In Astrakhan, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the ballerina had apartments in an unfinished elite residential building. The objects were given to the ex-prima from a former lover – a businessman Igor Vdovin… As the artist complained more than once, the former roommate borrowed from her 12 years ago three million dollars for a year, promising to give back with interest. Instead, he began to live happily ever after with new passions for Anastasia’s money, and forgot about repaying the loan.

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