Jan 22, 2021
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Anastasia Shubskaya admitted on her father’s birthday that she was proud to be his daughter

20:24, 21.01.2021

Kirill Shubsky is 57 years old.

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Today Anastasia Shubskaya’s father celebrates his birthday. Businessman Kirill Shubsky is 57 years old. The model hastened to publicly congratulate the parent. In his microblog in Instagram she shared a video of celebrating a name day in a family circle in a restaurant, and joint photo with dad. Anastasia said that she is proud to be his daughter.

“Happy Birthday, beloved Dad! Thank you for everything! I am proud to be your daughter, and thank God that I have such a father! Be healthy, the most important thing, and we, your family, will do everything to make you happy, ”wrote Anastasia (The author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.).

Anastasia Shubskaya admitted on her father’s birthday that she was proud to be his daughter

Anastasia Shubskaya was born into the family of Vera Glagoleva and Kirill Shubsky. The director and the businessman met in 1991 at the Golden Duke Odessa Film Festival. Glagoleva at that time had two daughters from her first marriage with the director Rodion Nakhapetov… But soon the lovers played a wedding and got married. Both daughters of Vera received Cyril well and he was able to replace their father. On November 16, 1993, the couple had a common daughter, Anastasia.

Vera Glagoleva died in August 2017 from stomach cancer. For two years, a monument was not erected at the grave of the actress, which is why her eldest daughter Anna Nakhapetova had to make excuses. However, in August 2019, a white gazebo with a glass roof, a bench and an armchair appeared at the burial site. A little later it became known that the project was financed by the widower of Vera Glagoleva, Kirill Shubsky. The businessman spent about 12 million rubles on the monument.

Kirill Shubsky and Vera Glagoleva with their daughter Anastasia and son-in-law Alexander Ovechkin

Note that for a month before Glagolev’s death, she managed to marry her daughter Anastasia. The girl’s chosen one was hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. They met 12 years ago at the Olympic Games in Beijing, but then communication between them did not start. Their relationship grew into a romance in 2014, when Shubskaya flew to the United States to study, and Ovechkin overseas participated in a hockey tournament.

A year later, Anastasia received a marriage proposal from her lover. The lovers decided to register their relationship in America, without guests and parents. A magnificent wedding took place in 2017. And a year later, Alexander and Anastasia were born. He was named Sergey, giving a name in honor of the elder brother Ovechkin, who died in a car accident due to a detached blood clot when the future hockey player was ten years old.

Alexander Ovechkin, Anastasia Shubskaya and their eldest son

Shubskaya and Ovechkin became parents in the second in May 2020. Anastasia gave her husband another son, who was given a name Ilya… Star spouses at first they hid the baby from the public. They only showed his face for the first time last December. The boy took part in a photo session with his mom and dad. Note that the senior Ovechkin’s son followed in his footsteps. From early childhood, Sergei began to go to training with his dad and attended matches, and at home they played hockey together. In December last year, the boy went out on the ice for the first time under the guidance of his famous father.

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