Jan 24, 2021
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Anastasia Reshetova showed how the one-year-old son from Timati first congratulated her on her birthday

01:22, 01.24.2021

The star is 25 years old.

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After the birth of a common son Anastasia Reshetova and Timati star mom devotes almost all her free time to her son. The model of the soul does not like Ratmire and willingly shares on social networks touching pictures and videos with the rapper’s heir. Today, a celebrity showed an important moment in the life of a baby – Ratmir for the first time congratulated his star mom on her birthday.

On December 23, Anastasia Reshetova turned 25 years old. The model did not show how and with whom she celebrated a special date, but she delighted fans with touching shots with her one-year-old son from Timati. Ratmir congratulated Anastasia with a piece of dessert with a candle. “The cake has brought! First congratulations from my son !! ” – wrote Reshetova in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. Prim. line.).

Anastasia Reshetova showed how the one-year-old son from Timati first congratulated her on her birthday

Recall that Ratmir Yunusov was born on October 16, 2019. Unfortunately, the baby’s parents broke up before the boy was one year old. In September 2020, Anastasia Reshetova announced the breakup of the couple. Despite the end of the relationship, the former partners managed to maintain friendly relations. At the moment, the stars continue to jointly raise a common child. Ratmir lives with Anastasia, but Timati also spends a lot of time with his son. Reshetova has repeatedly stated that she is happy with this course of events; according to the model, it is wrong to prevent a boy from communicating with his father.

And yet, despite his loyal position regarding Timati’s presence in Ratmir’s life a couple of months ago, Reshetova statedwho is worried about the joint travel of the baby with the father. At the moment, the model is almost always present when communicating between the ex-lover and their common son, but the celebrity understands that soon the boy will have to be released with his second parent on long trips. Until recently, Anastasia did not part with the heir for more than two days. The star is strongly attached to her vacation, therefore, it is hard for Reshetova to endure a long separation from Ratmir.

Anastasia Reshetova with Timati

By the way, on her birthday, Anastasia complained that she did not have the opportunity to properly celebrate the significant date. “Today is the hardest DR in my life – a 10-hour working day instead of gatherings with loved ones and a glass of wine,” the model shared on social networks. It is worth noting that the hours spent on work are paying off – recently, Reshetova’s career has been going uphill. For example, in the fall it became known that Anastasia will become the leading new project of TNT channel “You are a top model”.

We add that after a rather unexpected parting with Reshetova, Timati also does not sit idly by. Just a month after the breakup of the star couple, it became known that the rapper would become the main character of the new season of the sensational romantic reality show “The Bachelor”. This news caused a resonance both among the public and among other celebrities. However, despite the many negative comments on the topic, girls all over the country are happy to compete for the heart of the famous musician – the number of applications submitted for participation in the show has broken all records.

Anastasia Reshetova with Timati and their common son Ratmir

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