Feb 20, 2021
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Anastasia Reshetova showed how her son parodies her gait (video)

Anastasia Reshetova showed how her son parodies her gait (video)

25-year-old model Anastasia Reshetova shared a funny video with her one-year-old son Ratmir.

The winner of the title “First Vice-Miss Russia – 2014” loves to look feminine. She wears heeled shoes most of the time, be it shoes or boots. One-year-old Ratmir is used to this, so he can easily repeat his mother’s gait. Anastasia captured on video how funny her son looks when he copies it.

The smart boy stood on tiptoes and walked a little awkwardly forward. The crumb swayed from side to side, gently standing on the tips of his small feet. He took a few steps with a satisfied look. “Is this how mom walks in heels?– the model laughed off-screen. Anastasia called the video itself “Parody of mom while cleaning“.

Reshetova’s fans thanked her for the positive charge. Many jokingly noted that Ratmir stands “on heels” better than a parent. “How sweet! ”,“ Reviewing and reviewing! How cool he is! “,” Oh my God … What a treasure you have, Nastenka! “,” Ratmir walks in heels better than mom! “,” Smart boy “,” All in mom! “,” Super fashion show! “- wrote the followers.

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