Oct 27, 2021
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Anastasia Reshetova regrets parting with Timati


Model Anastasia Reshetova decided to make fun of her ex-husband.

The stars have left all grievances in the past, so they can communicate normally with each other.

One of the most discussed topics on Tuesday was Timati’s apartment, which he arranged for a famous magazine about architecture and design. The apartment, which looks like an art space, impressed both the rapper’s fans and his stellar colleagues. Anastasia Reshetova did not stand aside either. The former lover of the artist did not miss the opportunity to joke about their relationship.

Yes … in vain I, of course, broke up with you“- said the model.

Anastasia Reshetova
Anastasia Reshetova

Recall that the stars announced their separation in the fall of last year. Then the fans assumed that the gap was temporary, but Anastasia and Timati never got along. After breaking up with the model, the rapper managed to be an enviable groom on the “Bachelor” show and spend time with several models. But Reshetova carefully protects her personal life from prying eyes. Rumor has it that the brunette is dating an influential oriental businessman.

After breaking up with Timati, Anastasia lived for some time in his spacious two-story apartment with her son, and then moved out. Now the model equips her own apartments, houses are not so often. Because of the work, Reshetova is forced to travel around the world.

Despite the painful breakup, the relationship between Timati and Anastasia remains friendly. Former lovers decided to forget about grievances, knowing full well that they need to take care of the child together.

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