Apr 18, 2021
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Anastasia Reshetova admitted that now a man from Europe is caring for her

12:41, 04/18/2021

The model stated that distance hinders the development of relationships.

After parting Anastasia Reshetova from Timati the public is closely monitoring the personal life of the 25-year-old model. The star herself prefers not to share details on this topic once again, however, new rumors about Anastasia’s novels appear in media publications after breaking up with the rapper. So, last month there was talk that Reshetova began dating a married businessman.

Today, Anastasia still spoke about her personal life. The model not only denied information about an affair with a married man, but also stated that she would never enter into a relationship with a man who already has a family. “This is unacceptable for me,” Reshetova explained in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. – Prim. line.). The star noted that she earns independently and provides for herself, her loved ones, as well as a large team. According to the model, “leftist stories” are not worth risking their position.

Anastasia Reshetova with her son from Timati

Anastasia also condemned the journalists who spread false information about her. Moreover, the star is not going to get away with slander – Reshetova said she plans to file a lawsuit against a number of publications that picked up rumors about her affair with a married businessman. The model admitted that during a long relationship it was more convenient in this regard. “No one was attributed to me, and now a parade of rumors has begun. Now someone will put a like, and everyone is already predicting a wedding, ”complained the ex-beloved Timati.

However, some of the rumors Reshetova still confirmed – after parting with Timati, the model really found a new chosen one. The model admitted that a man is now caring for her. True, at the moment, Anastasia’s romance with a potential lover is developing slowly. The fact is that the star’s boyfriend lives in another country. “There is no full-fledged relationship, since he lives in Europe. And this is a big barrier, ”Reshetova shared.

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati with her son

Recall that the separation of Timati and Anastasia became known in September 2020. Sad news model reported in his microblog on Instagram. Then Reshetova noted that she was at odds with her already ex-chosen one amicably. Moreover, the star touchingly thanked the rapper for the time spent together and promised to raise their common one-year-old son. Ratmira in love and respect in the father. At the moment, the former couple continues to raise the boy together. To this day, Anastasia and Timati maintain friendly relations and often see each other, which, by the way, becomes a reason for talking about a possible reunion of the model and the artist.

Reshetova herself repeatedly stressed that she was not going to renew the relationship with Timati. The star also reacted sharply to speculation that her separation from the rapper was a PR stunt. Anastasia said that she herself was painfully worried about the divorce of her parents in childhood, so she would never do this to her own son for the sake of additional attention to her person. The star reported that the last year was a difficult test for them and Timati, which their union could not withstand. Anastasia also stressed that no one else was involved in breaking the pair.

Timati with his son from Anastasia Reshetova

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