Nov 10, 2021
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Anastasia Panina spoke about filming with her husband Vladimir Zherebtsov


The star of the TV series “Shusha”, “Fizruk”, “Psychologists”, 38-year-old actress, Anastasia Panina, told how she works with her husband in some projects.

It is generally believed that combining work and personal life is a bad idea. But in the case of Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov, everything looks different. They are married, have a daughter, and at the same time they are happy to act together – already in 5 projects.

In the series “Fizruk” Vladimir played my boyfriend, in “A lie to save” – ​​my husband, in “Mountain Sickness” we played lovers, in “Declared Dead” we played husband and wife, in the project “Surrogate Mother” – also husband and wife … I would like to act together in such a project as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, for example. Such a story would be very suitable for us“, – Anastasia admitted in an interview with” 7 Days “.

Vladimir and Anastasia met when they were still students: in the play “Bullets over Broadway” at the Theater. Pushkin was played by husband and wife. A romance broke out, but the relationship did not last long.

Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov
Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov

We decided we needed to pause to see if we were really made for each other. It’s just that we were probably scared. We thought, what if it’s just an office romance. This pause made it possible to test your feelings and seriousness of intentions.“, – said Anastasia.

Time has shown that they should be together. They got married, and now their daughter Sasha is already 11 years old. Anastasia is calm about the costs of the profession.

Jealous. And Vladimir is jealous. And this is normal, we are real people. But we trust each other, and this is the main thing … Of course, we can flare up, but even now I don’t remember why. And I would not call it a disagreement. It’s just that we’re both very hot-tempered. But at the same time, we are quickly moving away. Here’s another plus of the fact that we are in the same profession. Another person might be offended, but we give each other the opportunity to cool off, because we understand what is happening. And this happens due to the fact that the psyche is absolutely shattered, mobile. But if the psyche is not mobile, it is impossible to work in our profession.“, – says Anastasia.

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