May 29, 2022
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Anastasia Melnikova spoke about plastic surgery


Actress Anastasia Melnikova spoke harshly about criticism of her appearance.

After suffering a covid, Anastasia Melnikova’s appearance changed – the star of “Streets of Broken Lanterns” noticeably gained weight. Instead of support, the curious attack the actress with boorish questions, they say, why are her forms rounded? The artist could not stand it and responded to the attacks.

Anastasia Melnikova does not understand why the public is so concerned about her appearance. The actress receives reports that she does not look like before – such impudence angers the star, because she does not use the services of surgeons, but ages naturally.

They asked me why I got old and got fat … Of course, everyone gets younger with age, loses weight, I alone get old and put on weight! I am wildly worried about the fact that I have swelling, it pisses me off when something is wrong with the skin, when the color is wrong. All this is annoying! But I will never do plastic surgery – let it be a monkey face. Let there be wrinkles, but don’t be ashamed that I’m a pout“, – said the 52-year-old artist in an interview on Central Television.

Anastasia Melnikova - photo from the archive -
Anastasia Melnikova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Last year, Melnikova suffered a severe coronavirus infection. Perhaps the disease affected the appearance of the actress. By the way, Anastasia is not obsessed with her appearance, she is not up to it.

I have been serving in my native Komissarzhevskaya Theater for 28 years! Now I average five performances a month. More often it doesn’t work out, because for ten years now I have been a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in the 24/7 mode. Thanks to this work, I experienced a complete reassessment of values ​​… Recently, a colleague-actress told me: “Yes, you only play five performances a month, and I play twenty!” I’m not an evil girl, but then I couldn’t stand it and answered: “And you sit at the receptions three times a week, listen to the people who come to you with their misfortune, which is completely different from those experienced by the heroes of the plays … And after that try to go on stage and play something.” My heart just breaks, almost every dose ends with valocordin, if not a dropper“, – the star of the series previously confessed.

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