Jan 4, 2022
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Anastasia Makeeva spoke about the role of a man and a woman in marriage


Actress Anastasia Makeeva spoke on the topic of happy relationships.

The artist is famous not only for her career, but also for numerous novels, from which various scandals often follow. Now the actress in every possible way shows how happy she is in marriage and decided to promote family values.

Recently, the 40-year-old actress has been on the Internet. Then she has a scandal, which has been going on for a year, with the ex-wife of Roman Malkov, whom she took away from a family where there were four children. Then she became a quantum psychologist and strongly teaches the life of those who are not yet lucky in love or family relationships are crumbling.

Many responds to what the artist writes about, but there are also critics. Anastasia claims that a man should be the king in the family, and a woman should take second place. If the hierarchy in the family is violated, then such a union is doomed.

Anastasia Makeeva with her husband
Anastasia Makeeva with her husband

Yesterday, the woman talked to her subscribers in a story, where she shared insider information about a happy union, and then wrote a post.

Yes, I read your comments and was surprised. Some have unconcealed pain. Seeing a man as a king does not mean serving him. Doesn’t mean looking in his mouth. Doesn’t mean to endure humiliation and when he hits you. And not about the fact that he is a mattress, but you go and work. It’s about hierarchy in couples where there is love and understanding, but you act as a mother for your man. I am generally against it. And do I really look like a woman who serves someone? No. Because I’m a drop dead queen and I want my man next to me to be king. He is not a servant or a child, and I am not a servant or a child. You can live your whole life as you lived, but you can take a lot from the universe without breaking its laws“, – the woman made a verdict after communicating with followers.

Recall that Anastasia Makeeva is famous for her vivid love stories. Only officially, the actress was married four times. Last spring, the actress married Roman Malkov. Spouses often show harmony in marriage, but they often become the heroes of scandalous headlines.

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