Apr 20, 2021
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Anastasia Makeeva said she was ready to finally make peace with the ex-wife of her lover

About the novel by Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkova became known in October last year. Then the actress said that she met her lover during the renovation of her summer house, and her boyfriend was in the construction business. They quickly became close, but a month later, information appeared that Roman was married and had four children.

Makeeva immediately began to claim that Roman’s wife Svetlana does not pay due attention to children. Because of this, Malkov decided to raise his offspring on his own. Svetlana turned personally to the actress and asked that she be careful in her statements and not involve her children in their parents’ disagreements.

Svetlana Malkova with children from Roman

An hour ago, in her microblog on Instagram, Makeeva wrote that she was ready to make peace with Svetlana. “Sveta, I unblocked you everywhere and you also know Roman’s phone, write where and when we will sit down at the table and negotiate peace. No mockery, no sarcasm, just common sense and a truce. If you want to meet Roma together, if you want in three and we’ll talk. I officially accept your offer. We don’t need television for this. Appoint any neutral place for a meeting and I promise you we will agree. I am open to you. Let’s prove to ourselves and to each other that we are adults and we can come to an agreement ”- said Anastasia (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Anastasia Makeeva with the new chosen one Roman Malkov

It is worth noting that today there was information that Malkov finally divorced the mother of his children. The court hearing on the high-profile case took place on April 12. However, according to Svetlana, the ex-chosen one for some reason did not appear at him. Malkova personally reported the incident.

“You live happily, no one is going to return Roma, why can’t you live ?! The judge asked for account statements, why shout to the whole country that you are supporting children? You, in court, appropriated alimony 30 thousand rubles for four beloved children, only the judge is not a fool. By the way, Roma, you don’t go to courts. I want to inform you that we were finally divorced on April 12! Save for the sake of your “beloved” heirs the bright memories of your family! I am begging you! Don’t let Makeeva break the psyche of children and throw mud at their mother! ” – shared Svetlana.

Anastasia Makeeva with Roman Malkov and his children

Now Roman Malkov intends to transport the children living with their mother in Slovenia to his place in Moscow. True, Svetlana is categorically against this. Moreover, she is outraged that she is presented in a negative light in front of children.

“What slander! Roma, you bury yourself! But Anastasia apparently wants war? Today is just a wonderful opportunity with good lawyers to file a lawsuit against Makeeva! Roma! Since you have such a lot of money, so alimony, maybe you can appropriate the good ones? Listen, Nastya, the more you write nasty things about me, the deeper you go to the bottom. God gives many children to strong women. You can’t even imagine how strong I am and can tear anyone for them, even such a “star” as you! ” – Svetlana threatened Makeeva.

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