Apr 29, 2021
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Anastasia Makeeva introduced fans to her lover’s son

The guy was hungry to live together with the batey and moved to the capital. He was smartly introduced to the relatives of the newly-made mother.

Anastasia Makeeva introduced fans to her lover's son

Actress Anastasia Makeeva showed on Instagram a video with the son of her beloved Roman Malkov Andrei and said that the guy was settling in the capital.

Former grandmother Malkova Svetlana was not hungry for the eldest son to leave her, but Andrei seemed to like the idea of ​​living with dad. So much so that new accusations flew against Anastasia: now she did not just break Svetlana’s family, but she also lured her son to her.

Makeeva said that she threw her son Roman to the infant holiday to women, grandfathers and other relatives. In the coffin, she added, hinting at Andrei: “Well, someone came to us, thank God.”

Earlier we wrote about the conflict between Anastasia and Svetlana.

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