Apr 19, 2021
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Anastasia Makeeva condemned the wife of her lover for complaining about her husband who left her on a talk show

11:33, 04/19/2021

The actress emphasized that she herself refuses such interviews.

In January, Anastasia Makeeva attracted a lot of attention to her personal life. Then the 38-year-old theater and film actress declassified the identity of her new lover Roman Malkova… However, soon the media managed to find out that Makeeva’s chosen one was already married – moreover, the man left his legal spouse Svetlana and four children for the sake of an affair with Anastasia. Moreover, Malkov’s wife did not remain silent and willingly gave an interview about the situation in the talk show “The Stars Are Aligned”… Svetlana’s story came out quite frank – talking about her spouse who left her, the woman could not hold back her tears

Today Makeeva commented on the participation of the ex-lover of her chosen one in the program. The actress condemned Svetlana for lying and saying unpleasant things about the father of her children. Anastasia published several pictures of Roman’s wife, which the woman took while walking around the capital, and noted that Svetlana does not look as unhappy on them as she does on the talk show. “Sweet and unhappy abandoned, she rides in a limousine and drinks free champagne, takes pictures with the stars and sits on makeup, gives interviews and willingly sells the honor of the father of her children, breaking the psyche of children for money,” Makeeva wrote on her Instagram microblog (spelling and the author’s punctuation hereinafter is given unchanged .– Prim. line.).

Beloved wife Anastasia Makeeva

At the same time, Anastasia noted that she and Roman also received invitations to talk shows, but they refused, despite the large fee that the channels promised the couple for the interview. But Svetlana, as Makeeva noted, is not going to stop at the program “The Stars Came Together”. The actress said that soon the wife of her lover plans to visit the studio of the show. “Let them talk”where he will tell his story again.

“She wanted to spit that the children were terrified of everything, and all the same to her that the children are between two fires,” Anastasia emphasized. In addition, Makeeva said that in her interviews Svetlana was telling a lie. So, contrary to the words of his wife, Roman continues to maintain communication with his children and their financial support. True, Malkov has to talk with the offspring in secret from their mother, who is offended by her husband for leaving for another woman. Moreover, the actress noted that all the children of her lover are also familiar with her. “There is no strength when the girl does not stop and quenches her thirst for revenge,” the artist shared.

Anastasia Makeeva with her lover

It is interesting that immediately after the show “The Stars Converged” with Svetlana aired, Makeeva reacted to the participation of her lover’s wife in the program in a completely different way. Actress in public offered a woman friendship… The actress even promised Svetlana to come to visit and invited Roman’s wife to live in her metropolitan apartment for some time. Anastasia promised to show the woman Moscow and provide a cultural program. “We decided to win this conflict with good,” Makeeva wrote at the time.

Recall that Anastasia Makeeva met Roman Malkov when the man was working on the actress’s site. It is known that it was for the sake of the opportunity to earn money in Moscow that the beloved star had previously left his family in Slovenia. Roman’s departure was not supposed to last long, but the pandemic forced Malkov to stay in Russia, and later the man met Makeeva and completely changed his mind about returning to his wife and children.

Beloved wife Anastasia Makeeva with children

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