Apr 10, 2021
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Anastasia Makeeva admitted that the marriage proposal from a new lover was the first in her life

21:31, 10.04.2021

The actress shared that her ex-husbands did not arrange beautiful surprises for her.

39 year old Anastasia Makeeva is now in a relationship with Roman Malkov… On March 7, he proposed to the actress. Standing on one knee, Roman handed Anastasia a ring, and right during the performance “The Diamond Chariot” with her participation. At the same time, the parents of both Makeeva and Malkova were present in the auditorium, who witnessed the romantic moment.

Today in the show “Secret to a Million” Makeeva said that despite the fact that she was married three times, no one proposed to her before Roman. “It was an incredible shock for me. Probably, after years I can voice some things, but this is the first proposal in my life. Usually it happened like this: we sat and talked: “Why are we getting married? We are getting married! ” And so that … I played the play, of course, he was really looking forward to it. For a very long time we could not have had a meeting of four parents. Finally, by March 8, everyone got together. I played the show. One dad comes out, then the second, then Roma and gives me a bouquet, and then everything is in a fog … He kneels down, holds out the box. And then suddenly the hall begins to roar so that nothing is heard! ” – shared Makeeva.

Anastasia Makeeva posted a video of her new lover making her an offer

Earlier in her microblog on Instagram, Makeeva noted that she did not expect such a decisive act from her lover, and admitted that she was proud of him. “I never thought that Roma would dare to do this, but he knelt down in front of the whole hall and, most importantly, in front of my and his parents, and the whole troupe burst into tears. I am proud of you, my Beloved !!!! ” – added the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

We add that Anastasia Makeeva’s romance with Roman Malkov became known in October last year. Then the actress said that she met her lover during the renovation of her summer house, and her boyfriend was in the construction business. Later, Makeeva said that the qualities of her chosen one were completely satisfied with her. These included caring, stability, intelligence, a sense of humor and quality sex. Not in the last month, the financial well-being of the new boyfriend turned out to be. The artist did not specify the level of the man’s income, but admitted that he earns more than her.

Anastasia Makeeva with the new chosen one Roman Malkov

Recall that Makeeva was married three times. Her first husband was an actor Peter Kislov… After a divorce from him, the actress met with Alexei Makarov for several years. For the second time, the artist went to the registry office with the musician Gleb Matveychuk. Their wedding took place in a rented castle outside the city, although later the artist said that he did not want all this. The couple broke up in a rather tense relationship, as they constantly quarreled. In early September 2020, Matveychuk said that he and Anastasia went to the doctors for three years, as they dreamed of having a child. However, they never managed to give birth to a baby, and as a result, after seven years of marriage, the couple broke up.

Makeeva’s third husband was a businessman from Novosibirsk Alexander Sakovich… However, in the fall of 2019, the actress announced her divorce from her husband. The lovers lived together for almost two years, and all this time the actress told that she was happily married. However, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Sakovich left Makeeva for the sake of the actress Catherine Sedik

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