Mar 30, 2021
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Anastasia Ivleeva justified herself for her behavior in the show “What happened next?”

19:07, 03/30/2021

The TV presenter explained that she could not stand the humor from the hosts of the show.

On December 31, 2020, Anastasia Ivleeva came to the show “What happened next?” For the second time. This is a humorous show where celebrity guests tell stories from life, and then comedians joke about them in a rather harsh manner. Sometimes their statements border on insults, which quite often causes a corresponding reaction from guests. So, after the New Year, social networks erupted in criticism towards Nastya Ivleeva for the fact that she incorrectly reacted to humorists’ jokes and insulted them in return.

Today, a podcast with Anastasia Ivleeva was released on Eldar Dzharakhov’s YouTube channel, where the TV presenter first commented on what had happened. The blogger noted that she was simply not ready for tough humor and behaved incorrectly, considering it necessary to fight back.

Frame from the release of the show “What Was Next?” featuring Nastya Ivleeva

“I will not be flattered and say that they are wrong, they offended me, I understood where I was going. But let’s compare two factors here: the guys need to do a show, they cannot go off the rails, and there is a girl who came and this is Nastya Ivleeva, who has self-defense, and of course I will defend myself. I do not have the same authority as Lolita, for example, I behave differently. This is scary. I had no task to come and (further obscene. – Prim. line.), I was worried, I recited the story, I wanted to tell it, I wanted to make it funny. I understand that I am there (further obscene. – Prim. line.), but it was self-defense, I went on the attack instead of relaxing, ”said Nastya Ivleeva on the podcast.

Eldar Dzharakhov noted that such behavior is a deliberately losing story, as, for example, in the Comedy club, when guests also come with “passive aggression”.

Frame from a podcast on Dzharakhov’s YouTube channel

“I have a great attitude to the guys from“ BWD ”, I absolutely respect them all, this is a great show, but this is not my humor. In ordinary life, I do not watch “BWD”, no matter what guests come there, I am simply not interested, I do not like it. I agree, I did not take out this story, so I did not make a continuation in terms of comments. I didn’t understand how to react, I was at a loss. You need to be able to play and be able to laugh at yourself, ”the TV presenter explained the reasons for her behavior.

However, as it turned out, the blogger’s behavior was not so unjustified. Nastya Ivleeva said that the second time jokes against her were not provided at all, which made her even more confused.

Frame from the release of the show “What Was Next?” featuring Nastya Ivleeva

“In my defense, I want to say that the second time I went not as a guest, I was a la among the comedians, but they started me anyway (further obscene. – Prim. line.), as if I’m a guest anyway, there are questions for them too, ”the TV presenter emotionally summed up her comment.

Recall that on March 22, a press breakfast was held dedicated to the MUZ-TV 20/21 award, where the presenters of this year were announced. They were Anastasia Ivleeva, Alexander Revva and Ksenia Sobchak. The fourth host will be announced later.

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