Apr 18, 2021
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Analysts have estimated the likelihood of Bitcoin growth to 80 thousand dollars

The cost of bitcoin by the summer can reach 70-80 thousand dollars, if we consider a favorable scenario, analysts and participants in the cryptocurrency market believe.

The founder of the cryptocurrency platform “” Mikhail Bogdanov recalled that the bitcoin rate recently set a new historical maximum. According to him, the asset value may be corrected soon. At the same time, it is possible that the price of bitcoin could rise to 80 thousand dollars, Bogdanov said in a comment to RIA Novosti.

The bitcoin rate will depend on the macroeconomic situation in the world, the pace of recovery of the largest economies and the attitude of investors to emerging markets, explained Tatiana Maksimenko, an analyst at the Garantex crypto exchange. She pointed out that the emotions of market participants are an important factor in pricing.

Maksimenko believes that the cost of bitcoin can either fall to 38-40 thousand dollars or rise to 80 thousand. The moderate scenario assumes continuation of fluctuations around the $ 60 thousand mark, the analyst emphasized.

According to Nikita Soshnikov, director of the Alfacash cryptocurrency service, the situation on the cryptocurrency market will not change by summer. Bitcoin, he believes, will trade in the range of 55-65 thousand dollars, however, a jump to 70 thousand dollars is possible if the situation in the global stock market worsens. According to the specialist, a drop in the exchange rate to 40 thousand looks unlikely.

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