Jan 11, 2022
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Analysts expect the ruble to strengthen by the end of 2022

Analysts believe that the ruble exchange rate will remain stable by the end of 2022. This is due to a decrease in geopolitical tensions and an increase in the cost of fuel, primarily gas, reports

The dollar can cost 67 rubles, and the euro – 72 rubles, the maximum – the price of the dollar will be 80 rubles, and the euro – 79-87 rubles. By the end of the year, the value of the dollar should stop at 73.4 rubles, and the euro – 79.5 rubles.

“In a floating regime, the exchange rate always corresponds to the fundamental factors, and we rather suggest thinking in terms of how much the fundamental factors themselves – primarily sovereign risk and commodity prices – are at equilibrium levels. We assess the current level of sovereign risk as overestimated against the historical norm, “said Alexander Isakov, senior economist at VTB Capital for Russia and the CIS.

Denis Popov, chief analyst at Promsvyazbank, is confident that in 2022 the ruble will remain an undervalued currency. Investment strategist “BCS World of Investments” Alexander Bakhtin hopes that Russian assets will continue to be attractive to foreign investors due to the fairly high rates.

Analysts at Tinkoff Investments are confident that in 2022 there will be few risks that could affect the weakening of the ruble. The possibility of maintaining high prices for raw materials and the tough policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation speak in favor of its strengthening.

Not everyone benefits from the strengthening of the ruble exchange rate. Exporters, on the other hand, benefit from the weakening of the Russian currency, since their expenses are in rubles and their incomes are in foreign currency.

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