Dec 30, 2020
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Analysts expect continued growth in property prices in 2021

The upward trend in house prices observed in 2020 during the preferential mortgage program will continue in 2021, analysts and market participants say.

According to CIAN experts, in 2020 prices for new buildings increased by 14%, and for secondary housing – by 16%. As the chief expert of the analytical center of the company emphasized, in 2021 the rise in housing prices will continue. According to her, the growth in the secondary market will be about 6-8%, and in the primary market – 7-9%, RIA Novosti reports.

In the first half of next year, consumer demand will decline, because those who wanted to buy real estate, most likely, have already done so, said Dmitry Alekseev, head of primary and suburban real estate at Avito Real Estate. He added that prices in the primary market will be 7% higher, while in the secondary market they will be at about the inflation rate, writes FederalPress.

Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the World of Apartments portal, noted that the further situation on the market will largely depend on the extension of the concessional lending program. If the program continues, and rates become even lower, then prices for new buildings will continue to grow, followed by the cost of housing on the secondary market, the expert believes. According to him, the cost of apartments in new buildings in 2021 will be 10-12% higher than today’s prices, and the secondary housing market will add 5-7%.

Analysts had previously predicted a rise in the price of the rental housing market in Russia in 2021. According to them, in Moscow, the growth in value may reach 15%.

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