Jan 14, 2022
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Analyst Zeltser predicted the growth of the ruble in 2022

The Russian ruble will grow in 2022 with a stable background. Mikhail Zeltser, an expert on the stock market at BCS World of Investments, told about this.

However, as the specialist noted, such external factors as the results of the Russia-NATO summits, as well as the OSCE meeting, can affect the national currency exchange rate.

“Apart from foreign policy, taking into account market factors and macroeconomic conditions in Russia, the fair ruble should be much higher than the current 74.5 per dollar and 85 per euro. Landmark – 70,” Zeltser said.

Earlier, the head of the market analysis department at Otkritie Investments, Anton Zatolokin, explained that expensive gas supplies could support the ruble, but they make up too little of Russian exports.

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