Aug 31, 2021
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An unknown military UAV broke through the border of Ukraine: the air defense could not shoot it down

An unknown military drone has freely violated the Russian-Ukrainian border.

The SBU reports that on August 27, 2021, an unidentified military UAV managed to break through the border of Ukraine and for a long time monitored the military exercises of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. For some unknown reason, the drone was not detected by Ukrainian air defense systems and radars. It could only be detected visually, but the anti-aircraft missiles were never able to capture the target.

“The security service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region identified a strike unmanned aerial vehicle with foreign-made markings. The drone flew over the Kharkov region. In this regard, we ask you to properly respond to the legal requirements of law enforcement officers. If in your field of vision there are persons showing an unjustified interest in transport infrastructure, military facilities, buildings of government and administration, using video, photographic, unmanned aerial vehicles, we ask you to immediately report to the SBU Directorate in the Kharkiv region “, – said in a message from the SBU.

According to unofficial information, the discovered drone is Russian. At the same time, the Ukrainian side does not officially confirm this information, since it probably does not want to admit the uselessness of its air defense.

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