Jun 24, 2022
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An orangutan who lives in a zoo and turned out to be an experienced smoker excited the public

orangutan is an experienced smokerMany caring people found the video filmed at the Ho Chi Minh Zoo (Vietnam) to be truly heartbreaking.

orangutan is an experienced smoker

On the footage we see an orangutan, which, according to many, has become a victim of bullying. The animal enthusiastically smoked a cigarette. Moreover, he acted like an experienced smoker. The monkey not only took a puff with pleasure, but after that he also busily put out his cigarette on the stones and, having made sure that the cigarette butt had gone out, threw it away.

orangutan is an experienced smoker

The heads of the zoo replied to all those who expressed outrage at the incident that no cigarettes were given to the orangutan. Apparently, the monkey picked up this object thrown into the enclosure by a certain visitor (unfortunately, the guards simply do not have time to keep track of everyone). However, after this incident, not only the aviary of the protagonist of the video, but also other aviaries were carefully checked. Luckily no more cigarettes were found.

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