Sep 11, 2021
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An official, but died like a Russian man: to the blessed memory of Evgeny Zinichev

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Colonel-General Yevgeny Zinichev, died tragically in an interdepartmental exercise in the line of duty, saving a person’s life.

We are sorry to inform you that while on duty, while in Norilsk at the interagency exercises to protect the Arctic zone from emergencies, saving a person’s life, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev tragically died,

– reads the official message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to sources from various news agencies, Zinichev died while filming a training film for the Ministry of Emergencies. The operator fell off the edge of the cliff, the minister tried to hold him, and then, even before anyone else had time to react, “rushed into the water” after him. Unfortunately, according to sources, both the operator and the minister who tried to save him were killed in the end.

It was at the exercises of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The exercises began on September 7 at once in 7 Arctic regions of the country. Zinichev started the exercises from the EMERCOM field camp deployed near the port of Dudinka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Instead, the governor of the region, Alexander Uss, and representatives of Norilsk Nickel were present at the headquarters of the exercise.

The exercises were supposed to work out 12 different scenarios of emergency situations, up to 6 thousand specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other departments were involved in this. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations indicated that during the exercise “47 new models of equipment, equipment and methodologies” would be tested, as well as “interaction of 18 federal executive bodies and state corporations would be organized.” The exercise also “is attended by 50 foreign delegates from 20 countries, including Finland, Denmark, the United States, Canada and Norway.”

The minister himself described the tasks of the exercises (we quote from TASS).

The exercises are taking place in regions that directly border the water area of ​​the Northern Sea Route. And this is the first time that such events are held in the Arctic. The format, geography, number and composition of the forces and assets involved confirm its uniqueness. The competence of each participating specialist is important and in demand. And the situations that are being worked out are typical for the Arctic region.

The scenario of the exercise was very diverse. It was supposed, in particular, to work out the liquidation of a fire at the floating thermal power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” in Chukotka. In addition, according to the scenario, it was assumed, in particular, that an outbreak of anthrax would be eliminated in Naryan-Mar, a new method of extinguishing a fire in a mine was being tested in Vorkuta, an oil spill would be liquidated in the water area of ​​the seaport of Arkhangelsk, and an accident on a passenger ship in the water area of ​​the port of Murmansk. At the same time, in Yakutia, the situation of an emergency landing of an aircraft at the Tiksi airport, etc., was being worked out. The final chord of the exercises was to eliminate an oil spill in the coastal strip in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

On Wednesday morning, on the website of the Ministry of Emergencies, information appeared that the head of the department inspected the construction of a new fire station in Norilsk, and also visited the Dudinsky Arctic search and rescue team of the Ministry of Emergencies.

The tragic and heroic episode is not the first in the history of the Emergencies Ministry, as in no other department here the leaders regularly personally work “on the line of fire”, participating in the elimination of emergencies. They recall, in particular, the death of Colonel Oleg Fedyura, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Primorye, while rescuing subordinates, when during a natural disaster the “KamAZ” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations turned over while fording the Pavlovka River.

Hero biography

Evgeny Zinichev was 55 years old.

Evgeny Nikolaevich Zinichev was born on August 18, 1966 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the St. Petersburg Institute of Business and Law.

In 1984 – 1986 he served in the Armed Forces of the USSR in the Northern Fleet.

From 1987 to 2015, he worked in the state security agencies of the USSR, then Russia, including deputy head of the Anti-Terrorism Service of the FSB of Russia.

From July to October 2016, he was the interim governor of the Kaliningrad region.

In November 2016, Zinichev took over as Deputy Director of the FSB of Russia.

On May 18, 2018, by decree of the President of Russia, Evgeny Zinichev was appointed to the post of Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

In 2020, he was awarded the rank of General of the Army.

Minister Zinichev was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, IV degree with the image of swords, the medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree, and the Suvorov medal.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia / Globallookpress

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