May 6, 2022
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An interstellar object lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

An interstellar object lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

The other day, the US Space Command confirmed that in 2014 a space body from another star system crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

It is the first interstellar object to hit Earth. Avi Loeb, a physicist from Harvard University, was not afraid to say that this meteorite lying on the ocean floor is in fact a model of alien technology. The scientist analyzed the trajectory of the space guest and determined that he was moving at a speed of 216,000 kilometers per hour – much faster than any meteorites and asteroids circulating in the solar system. Because of this, Loeb decided that the object came from another star system. He believes that some components of these technologies could survive when the object entered the Earth’s atmosphere and immersed in the ocean, and convinces the US authorities to search for it with a magnet.

I recall another cigar-shaped “traveler” from the depths of space, called ‘Oumuamua, which is translated from Hawaiian as “messenger”, who slipped past the Earth at a speed of 156,428 kilometers per hour and continued his journey. Its length was about 400 meters, it was devoid of the classic signs of a comet, it did not have a tail of dust and steam. With its shape, it did not fit the category of an asteroid either. Loeb claimed that this strangely shaped “comet” that rushed past the Earth in 2017 was an alien ship that flew to us from the spaces of the Universe. The scientist suggested that the object was moving with the help of the solar wind. A number of his colleagues supported the theory that it was an artificial manned object.

The fact that something mysterious flew into the ocean is evidenced by the behavior of the US military. They initially classified the exact location of the fall of a meteorite from another star system. Further attempts by American scientists to study this unique object, which has traveled such an incredible path, faced insurmountable obstacles posed by US government services. They classified key information and did not release it to NASA’s public database.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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