Sep 10, 2021
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"An important milestone": German Wintershall appreciated completion "Nord Stream – 2"

Wintershall called the completion of Nord Stream 2 a step towards its launch. “We congratulate the project company on reaching this important milestone,” the German company said.

On Friday September 10, Gazprom officially announced the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The German company Wintershall hastened to congratulate on the success.

The statement notes that Gazprom is one step closer to putting the gas pipeline into operation. It is added that Nord Stream 2 will become a modern, cost-effective and climate-friendly transport route, through which “blue fuel” will directly go to European consumers.

We congratulate the project company on reaching this important milestone,

– RIA Novosti quoted the statement of Wintershall.

Recall that in order to bring the project to life, Russia had to overcome serious resistance from the United States and its satellite countries. Despite all the sanctions and tricks of Washington, Nord Stream 2 was successfully completed, and even the most ardent opponents of the pipeline have to admit this.

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