Oct 29, 2021
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An eyewitness claims that a bright light he saw in the sky cannot be an airplane.

bright light seen in the skyViewers discuss a video filmed by Donovan Gray from Atlanta (Georgia, USA).

bright light seen in the sky

The eyewitness and his friend were at least puzzled when they saw a brightly luminous point moving in the sky. The way she moved, as well as the lack of navigation lights, gave Donovan reason to claim that it was not an airplane, and certainly not a helicopter, that was flying overhead.

bright light seen in the sky

I must say that many users of social networks agree with the eyewitness, believing that in the frames we see an alien ship – possibly, arrived on our planet for the purpose of observation. Some note that recently there are more and more such intelligence officers.

A pulsating cubic UFO appeared in the sky in broad daylight

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