May 1, 2022
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An example of French women: how to love yourself in French

An example of French women: how to love yourself in French

The whole world is jealous of how French women can look beautiful and stunning as if it costs them nothing. Stay slim without dieting. To be attractive, not corresponding to the ideals of beauty imposed from the outside. To be amazing, absolutely confident. It is beautiful to live, without denying yourself anything, but knowing the measure. Appreciate the quality without sliding into a consumer frenzy.

The important thing is that women who love and respect themselves, as a rule, are able to adopt this lightness of being characteristic of French women – and this, in turn, makes their life much more pleasant. And maybe you, too, will enjoy living without feeling guilty about listening to your own feelings and desires in the first place.

Below you will find everything I learned about how to love yourself in French:

1. Try to understand what suits you best

French women are known around the world for their style – but that’s because they know what style suits them best and try to stick to it, updating it from time to time with small changes and additions depending on the season (plus, you will save a hefty amount ).

2. Practice rituals that give you pleasure.

Feeling good is just as important as looking good. Relaxing baths, beauty treatments, massages, and other body treatments are not a luxury, but a necessity, no matter how busy your life is in other respects.

3. Don’t punish your body

The “no pain, nothing works” approach never made it to these shores. The French prefer the pleasure principle – if you do something that makes you look and feel great, it’s clearly good for your health and well-being (and of course they include sex).

4. Accept yourself for who you are.

In almost any French women’s magazine you will find all the same almost unattainable norms and ideals. But here in the real world, French women know that happiness isn’t about being able to fit into a size 36, it’s about being able to feel good in your own skin.

5. Enjoy delicious food

Delicious food has always been a part of French culture, so why deny yourself some of it? You can afford almost anything you want – little by little, and in moderation. None of my French friends indulge in bread, cheese and desserts – but they don’t eat them every day either.

6. Respect your body

Believe me, overeating can only lead to negative feelings and sensations. Do you want chocolate? Well, eat it, but then get by today with cheese and a second glass of wine. Moderation is better than asceticism, which has no place at all in a happy life.

7. Try to feel and look your best.

French women do not allow themselves to go out, looking like an unmade bed. In whatever rush they are, they leave the house neatly dressed and looking (no sweatpants or messy hair). A big part of the secret to feeling good is looking good, and it also shows respect for both yourself and the world around you.

8. Be yourself!

Be frank and bold, at least a little. Even some little thing – an unusual ring, funny boots or a bright scarf – can express your individuality.

9. Work with what you have, don’t wait for perfection

To look great, French women do not have to wait until they lose a couple of pounds, or grow long hair there. In addition, if you learn to look spectacular in any situation, no one will simply notice these “extra” kilograms.

10. Be natural

You don’t want to hide your face behind a mask, do you? Well then, don’t do it. Minimal make-up, neat hair (not covered with varnish so that the hair cannot even move), suitable lipstick and a pleasant aroma. That’s all.

11. Don’t let age take away your enjoyment of life.

Think in what other countries women of “a certain age” are still considered seductive? French women know that age is not a reason to refuse the opportunity to look and feel your best. I can name a couple of dozen French celebrities who, over 40, do not interfere in any way with maintaining their beauty and attractiveness. Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Adjani, Juliette Binoche, Ines de la Fressange – and this is just the beginning of the list.

12. Try to enjoy the little things

A small but delicious eclair, new perfumes, a wonderful smell of lavender, delicious cheese with mold … French women understand that such trifles are no less important than everything else.

13. Enjoy life

Find your passion, say no to everything that is a waste of your time, and keep moving forward. Focus on what you love and nothing will stop you!

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