Aug 8, 2022
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An enterprising man took advantage of the fact that the neighbors put up a new fence

New neighbor's fenceAlex McCormick said that he had a dispute with his neighbors, however, did not expand on the causes of the troubles.

New neighbor's fence

The man only said that as a result of a quarrel, his neighbors decided to isolate themselves more reliably from our hero and put a new fence on their site. However, Alex was not discouraged. On the contrary, he dismantled his own fence, which was old and no longer very beautiful. Now the brand new neighbor’s fence seems to have also become the fence of the hero of this story at the same time.

New neighbor's fence

Internet users recognized for Alex a certain non-standard thinking. Although some curious people expressed regret that they were not initiated into the details of a neighbor’s quarrel.

Homeowner is annoyed by neighbors who constantly talk to her through the fence


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