Jan 17, 2022
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An employee of the delivery service not only brought food to the spouses, but also took out their garbage

woman helped take out the trashWhen we are sick, we really want others to take care of us and give us support.

woman helped take out the trash

As a rule, such caring people turn out to be relatives and friends, but for US residents, a delivery service employee has become a caring person. A woman named Huti said that she and her husband are sick with coronavirus, and therefore they stay at home and order everything they need via the Internet. One day, a courier Kimberly came to them, who, putting food on the porch, noticed the garbage left near the door. The homeowners were going to take it out later, but they didn’t have to, because the kind Kimberly also took on this job, which, of course, is not part of her main duties.

woman helped take out the trash

Huti added that the caring delivery lady received a generous tip. Now many social media users are discussing this act of kindness and claim that stories like these make them believe in humanity again.


Of course, we gave her an even bigger tip after that. It’s the little things ? #actofkindness #instacartdelivery #thankyou #FritoLayRickRoll

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