Sep 23, 2022
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An elderly saleswoman helped her nephew deal with a robber armed with a hammer

saleswoman and robber with a hammerRosanna Gibson, who works at a newspaper shop with her nephew, recalls that the next day started as usual.

saleswoman and robber with a hammer

First, an elderly lady came into the store, and a little later a man entered. It was then that the worst began, because the stranger began to swing a hammer. Roseanne’s nephew, who was behind the counter, reacted quite quickly, but the 63-year-old resident of Glasgow (Scotland) was even faster. She pushed the criminal with force, knocking him down, and then helped her relative hold the robber until the police arrived. It turned out that the person who embarked on a criminal path was a 45-year-old local resident named George Kinnear. A veteran of the armed forces, from whom a knife was also confiscated during the arrest, pleaded guilty.

saleswoman and robber with a hammer

Remembering what happened and looking at the recording from the surveillance camera, Rosanna is surprised at herself. The woman cannot believe that at a critical moment she was capable of such desperate courage. The lady added that the aftertaste after a brave rebuff to the criminal turned out to be bitter. From now on, and almost constantly, she is angry because of what happened and fear that something like this could happen again.

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