Feb 22, 2021
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An elderly dog ​​who has been given the opportunity to go hiking does not stop smiling

the dog goes hiking and smilesBack in 2016, Jamie Hegge took a dog named Hannah from a shelter and very quickly became friends with the pet.

the dog goes hiking and smiles

Only recently one problem arose. Hannah is no longer young and has undergone several surgeries on her hind legs. Now the dog can only move slowly and by no means over long distances, and after all, she used to love walking with Jamie so much.

the dog goes hiking and smiles

But a 39-year-old woman found a solution and came up with a special carrier that hangs on her back. Hannah again got the opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty. But the most important thing is that an elderly dog, sitting in his carrier, does not stop smiling – and this especially touches the hearts of everyone who sees this couple.

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