Feb 24, 2021
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An automated lathe was created for the first time in Russia

The interest of industrial enterprises in automated machine tools that work with minimal human participation is growing every year.

Now entrepreneurs buy foreign equipment, and there is almost no competition in this area on the Russian market. Researchers from the Perm Polytechnic Institute have created a prototype of the first domestic machine tool with numerical control. The development will allow processing “complex” parts with high precision. By using new lathes, businesses can reduce costs.

– The shape of parts is constantly becoming more complicated, therefore, for their manufacture, equipment with numerical control is often used. Russian enterprises buy hundreds of such machines to automate production, but most of them are made abroad. Therefore, we have developed a prototype of the first available domestic machine ARS 150T. In the future, inexpensive, accurate and functional equipment will be able to save billions of rubles in the country annually, – says the author of the project, leading engineer of the Department of Innovative Technologies of Mechanical Engineering of the Perm Polytechnic University Ruslan Nurgalin

Unlike analogues, the machine has small dimensions: its weight was 1.2 tons, dimensions – 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.4 m. The development involves a modular design: it is easy to manufacture, maintain, repair and operate. The machine is made of the simplest possible geometric components, which reduces the cost of its manufacture. All its major parts are made in Russia. Turning cycles are already built into the control system, which simplifies the launch of new parts into production. One of the advantages of the prototype, which has no analogues with such dimensions, is the use of 12 tools. According to the developers, this will allow processing more complex parts and reduce the time for manufacturing new ones. In addition, the machine consumes less energy.

Testing of the installation showed that the machine works efficiently, and the smart design allows for maintenance and repairs in case of emergencies. Several batches of parts have already been produced using the machine.

According to researchers, new lathes will be in demand by machine-building enterprises and service centers for agricultural equipment. The development has already attracted interest from industrial companies.

In the future, the researchers plan to create their own machine-tool enterprise in order to serially produce turning equipment with numerical control. According to the developers, it is able to compete with foreign counterparts in terms of cost and product quality. The estimated cost of Russian lathes will be 2.5 million rubles.

Dmitry Stepnov

Photo: Perm Polytech

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