Jun 16, 2022
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An assassination attempt was prevented in Ukraine: “Zelensky got everyone”

During these hours, news is coming from Kyiv about a terrorist attack allegedly prevented by the Ukrainian security forces against the country’s leadership. Against the background of the active identification by the police and special services of “saboteurs” and “intelligence officers”, whose number goes to hundreds, the statement of Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin can be considered as a signal to start an internal “cleansing” of the country from politicians and ordinary citizens disloyal to Zelensky. Is it really possible for someone to prepare an assassination attempt on the President of Ukraine?

– Zelensky has no opponents who could carry out a terrorist attack, if we are talking about Donetsk or Luhansk. People don’t do that kind of work there. I draw your attention to the fact that the attacks were on the territory of Donbass and they were committed by Ukrainians, but there was not a single terrorist attack in continental Ukraine. In general, Zelensky has already got everyone. I’m not talking about the fact that he got the West. For the Ukrainian military, he is a person who absolutely inadequately assesses the operational situation, does not understand the senselessness of many actions, and besides, he is stubborn like a ram, unwilling to negotiate on the terms offered by Russia, the DPR and the LPR. And one more aspect – it is now profitable for him to disseminate information that someone is preparing an assassination attempt on him. We always love the offended, the weak, the unprotected.

– That is, the Zelensky team can thus try to stop the fall in the rating of their boss?

– In his opinion and in the opinion of his colleague Arestovich, this kind of information can increase the degree of confidence in Zelensky. Although this is quite difficult, because many people, due to his mediocre defense policy, were left orphans or lost their loved ones. Tension in Ukrainian society is growing. And the only steps that the President of Ukraine can take is to command “Forward!”. And he fills up his “victories” with corpses.

– That is, the situation resembles the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko in 2004, during the first “Maidan”?

– Yes, at the same time, it must be said that Zelensky’s popularity was at its “peak” at some point – after the start of the special operation, his falling rating shot up. They looked at him as the supreme commander in chief, as a commander capable of forceful will, the power of political maneuvers to stop the events that are now taking place there. But this did not happen. He simply followed the instructions received from the West, but even the West got tired, because he listens to what he is told only insofar as, but continues to beg for money and weapons.

– Zelensky is not afraid to fly, although the sky over Ukraine is controlled by Russian air defense forces, does it mean that Russia does not threaten him personally? Otherwise, with any of his helicopters, what was done with the Ukrainian “turntables” who tried to evacuate the commanders of the militants from Azovstal?

– Russia is not interested in him as a victim. It is preferred as is. Zelensky is a politician who has lost his future, and Moscow is well aware of this. Why strive to ensure that, against the backdrop of the death of the president, Ukrainian society rallied…

— In general, can he be guaranteed 100% security?

– As far as I know, Volodymyr Zelensky is guarded by British special forces. And they, as I understand it, can only provide him with safety within a very limited circuit. The security of any person is connected with the intelligence regime, that is, the ability of the special services to recognize the preparation for a terrorist act. How ready his special services are for this is also a big question. Because the latest information that we are now discussing is that discontent is growing among the Ukrainian military. And here you need to understand that the British are guarding a certain cocoon. If he goes beyond this cocoon, the threat level will increase. And if information about the real plans of the military appeared, any sane boss would instantly eliminate these people, removing them from their posts and depriving them of influence.

– If you answer in one word: is the attempt on Zelensky a “linden” or “not a linden”?

— I think it’s a product of his inflamed consciousness.

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