Oct 18, 2020
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An adult dog knows perfectly well that children’s gloves are not toys.

a puppy stole a baby gloveA puppy named Rambo was very happy with the new toy, but he did not receive this thing as a gift, but simply stole it.

a puppy stole a baby glove

The mischievous man liked the glove of his 10-year-old mistress, but criminal entertainment attracted the attention of another character - the adult dog Samson.

a puppy stole a baby glove

Samson knows very well that children's gloves are not toys, and therefore he chased a young friend, trying to take away the stolen item and return it to the rightful mistress. True, the denouement remained behind the scenes, and the audience never saw whether the dog succeeded in his good endeavors. Be that as it may, the scene was considered both funny and cute.

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