Apr 28, 2021
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Amulets for the threshold: as if not to let negative energy into the house

Amulets for the threshold: as if not to let negative energy into the house

The negative energy of the enclosing world enters the house through the front door. Special amulets for the threshold, which experts told about, will help to put the energy filter.

Try to let people with negative energy into your house, as if you can, and leave resentments outside the door. Also use the amulets depicted in the bass if you are afraid that the nature of the problems has some other roots.

Since ancient times, salt has been considered a very powerful talisman against any problems, from evil spirits and evil people. Spread it near the front door, right in front of the threshold from the outside. This is to help create a defense against negative energy.

You can also make a continuous amulet so that you do not periodically add salt from the outside. To do this, you need to pour salt into a bag made of natural fabric and put it next to the door, but from the inside.

The horseshoe, the ends of which look up, depicts the strongest amulet for the house. It is more important to hang it directly above the front door. This item has a very large force. Experts point out that you can buy a horseshoe, but it will be a huge fortune if you accidentally find it or receive it as a gift from someone you know.

“Music of the wind” is called a feng shui amulet, which harmonizes the space in the house and helps to get rid of negative energy more quickly. Recently we talked about how and where to place such a talisman in the house so that it will bring many benefits. Hang it right in front of your front door to keep negativity out of your doorstep.

Another one is a feng shui amulet, which has a powerful force. It protects people in the house from bad dreams, negative energy and any kind of misfortune. The greatest is forcibly possessed by the dreamcatcher, made with his own hands. It can be hung in many places, but it has the greatest force in the bedroom or above the threshold.

The red ribbon is also remembered to us from the Eastern culture. The scarlet color in East Asia is revered as a talisman against the evil eye, against bad people and diseases. It is more important to make a red ribbon from natural material and hang it directly opposite the front door.

Plants are an excellent talisman against negativity for the home. For example, it can be a cactus, ivy. These plants can be placed right next to the doorstep. You can also put a fern at the entrance to the house. It will also help protect against bad people and negative energy.

This is a very powerful amulet plant that can be hung right above the threshold. If it is not easy to find a horseshoe, then buying garlic will not be neatly laborious. Any impure power and negative energy will remain outside the home.

Another one-one ancient Slavic amulet, which is met to hang from the outside of the door right above the threshold. Wormwood scares away everything bad – sickness, any cruelty, damage and evil eye.

Try to keep your doorstep and your home clean. It will also help scare off negativity and attract more fortune. Dirt and disorder are sometimes more dangerous than enemies, because in this case, negative energy is born directly in your home.

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