Feb 21, 2021
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Amulet, what age is under the right hand: 5 unusual properties of lavrushka that you did not know about

Amulet, what age is under the right hand: 5 unusual properties of lavrushka that you did not know about

Bay leaves are used by housewives in the preparation of shamovka. It turns out that this is not just a great addition to the dish, because lavrushka has healthy energetic and magical properties.

There are a lot of effective fortune amulets, and bay leaves should be attributed to them. For many centuries, our grandfathers watched that these leaves influence the atmosphere in the house and the life of a person in general.

Bay leaf increases the energy of a person and opens the chakras. This is a great amulet of productivity, because it maintains a person’s tone. Bay leaves can be put in a bag or shredded in a bag and pocket. At home, the bay leaf should lie somewhere in sight.

Bay leaves help to attract kindly into the house, get rid of quarrels and conflicts. It strengthens relationships, which is why bioenergy experts recommend using it thicker as a seasoning. Our grandfathers also chatted that in a house where there is a lavrushka, there is no place for evil, resentment and negativity.

If you put a bay leaf in your workplace next to you, it will eventually begin to bring financial luck, as if under its influence the mind is cleared of fears and insecurities.

According to the Eastern teachings of Feng Shui, the entire space around us is permeated with filigree threads of Qi energy – creative flows that forcefully feed people and create harmony in the house. Bay leaves can enhance these flows, which is why the advocates of this philosophy recommend using the bay as a flavoring. This plant really kills unpleasant odors and helps turn the home into a source of strength.

You can unobtrusively put a bay leaf to your uncle “for good luck” on the way. If you are afraid that someone might charm or jinx him, then this method will be the perfect defense against magical influences or a potential rival. Before you give your uncle a bay leaf, you need to talk to him. It is necessary to pronounce the following words, holding a piece of paper in your hands: “Mine and only mine. In the light of the sun and under the moon. Let it be so”.

Experts note that, even if it is simply stored in the house on a shelf, a jar of bay leaves can ward off evil spirits and ill-wishers. She will also do so much that hidden enemies will feel very awful in your home. They will not need to be driven away – they will leave on their own.

If you come to another city or country and want to return there again, be sure to buy a bay leaf there and put it in your wallet, bag or in your car. This leaflet will remind you of the pleasant time that you managed to lay in an interesting place, with interesting people.

Dry lavrushka leaves can be used for aromatherapy. If you set fire to a dry bay leaf, it will exude a very sweet aroma, which has a beneficial effect on the energy of the house and the person.

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