Apr 29, 2021
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Amulet “Thursday Salt” from a bad thorn and any evil


Salt has been used for a long time to protect itself from everything bad, to drive unpleasant people away from the house and to provide powerful protection against any negative impact. Anyone can create a large amulet with the help of Thursday salt, which has truly amazing properties.

A simple and nondescript seasoning that every housewife has in the kitchen is actually not so simple. The experts of the site recommend to get acquainted with the amazing properties of salt at home, which can not only significantly improve the taste of ready-made dishes, but also become an indestructible obstacle on the way of troubles. You can create a talisman from ordinary salt, but a special, Thursday salt will work much more efficiently.

Knowing how to handle salt correctly and knowing about its use not only in cooking will ensure a happy life and save you from many problems. Salt is used to:

restore energy balance; strengthen the biofield; get rid of the evil eye and damage; create reliable protection against negativity; to clear the house from energy stagnation.

Salt is capable of a lot, and in order for it to work, you need to know that it is correct to carry out rituals to create your protection.

Thursday salt is a special product that is prepared only once a year, on a holiday called Impeccable Thursday. It is harvested for future use to be consumed as needed. The creation of the amulet will not take countless time. For this you will need:

salt; linen bag; a ribbon for a tie; a sprig of wormwood.

Salt is poured into a bag, a sprig of wormwood is placed there and the plot is read:

“He comes cruelly on the doorstep, invades life, pulls troubles behind him, threatens with troubles. As if I would prepare the Thursday salt, protect the master from it, so much will the evil leave my life, dissolve into nothingness ”.

After that, the bag is tied and held in hands for some time.

A similar amulet can be made for the home and for any family member. The bags can be of any size: from medium to very tiny, so that you can safely carry them with you and protect yourself from evil eyes, damage and just bad influence from negative people.

To save yourself from any negativity, not only Thursday salt, but also an ordinary pin will help. A large amulet is also created from it, capable of protecting every member of the family from any evil influence.

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